Month: January 2015

{SQT} Let’s be Friends!

Here I am two months into hosting this here link up and I just realized we weren’t formally introduced. Sure, some of you go way back to my bloggy cotillion, but since the Quick Takes torch passed, there’s been a lot of new people around here, and I figured it was about time for a Read More

My Kitchen Rules: 23 Tips for Insane Eating

Yesterday, Emily at The Catholic Table posted a thoughtful piece entitled  ‘Kitchen Rules; 23 Tips for Sane Eating’. Much of it sounded like good ol’ common sense, and frankly, quite boring. I mean, if you like predictability, routine and proper digestion I guess you’d fawn all over it. But not me! I love adventure, excitement, Read More

Arbp. Sheen Inspires Me to be Sheenazing

WOW. I’m feeling all the happy feels right now! Certainly, I’d keep this blog up and running even without popular approval, but it’s great to know so many people are laughing right along with me when I post about fashion, planners and emails. Thank you readers! Humor isn’t just funny photos and ridiculous situations. Humor Read More

{SQT} Unsuccessful Storage and the Joys of Powerchair Ownership

The long grey days of January are here, and while I’m thankful that temperatures are out of the teens (for now) I’m stock piling pudding just in case we’re stuck inside for days on end. I’ve felt immense pressure to write ALL THE FUNNY THINGS, and take ALL THE RIDICULOUS PHOTOS, but frankly, school and personal Read More

An Unfortunate Leaked Email

Friends, readers and fellow bloggers, it is with a heavy heart that I must try to explain the content of a private email that was somehow leaked to the Catholic media. I decided before Eye of the Tiber could release their own story, I would try to clarify come “misgivings” those in blogosphere have expressed Read More

{SQT} Written, While Seated With a Glass of Wine, at the Standing Desk

It’s late Thursday evening and I’ve just sat down with a glass of red to hash out a few Quick Takes. However, my youngest daughter also developed a stomach bug approximately two hours ago, so we’ll see how many I can complete between my trips to empty the puke bucket / coerce my daughter to Read More

SHEENAZING III: Eye of the Tiger Edition

The Sheenazing Award Nominations are OPEN! Stop reading rightthisveryminute and hop over to Bonnie’s and submit your favorite blogs. I find that ‘This Ain’t the Lyceum’ fits nicely in many of the categories; funniest, coolest, inspiring, smart, best looking…oh wait, does Bonnie mean the blog, or me in my bathrobe? Since the previous years’ winners Read More

{SQT} All the Books, Written by Better People

My brain is still on Christmas / Epiphany vacation but my fingers are typing their way into Friday and another episode of Seven Quick Takes. It’s official: we’re back into the swing of things and if you can’t get your act together to link up, it’s not because of the holidays, you’re just too dang Read More

A Screen Time Contract; For When You Really Mean Business

As mentioned previously, this Christmas, Santa got the three older kids Kindle Fires. I shot a great video of them opening their presents and screaming in disbelief. Up until very close to Advent, we’d always shut down their requests for personal electronic items. My husband and I only recently changed our minds. While in some Read More

Galumphing into 2015

Now that I’ve covered the posts and pictures of 2014, it’s onto 2015 and all my hopes and dreams for the coming year. I blogged my 2013 resolutions and my 2014 resolutions so it only makes sense to keep a running tally of my successes and failures. This year, rather than being overly philosophical, I’ve just Read More

{SQT} Fresh Starts

Rookie mistake; I assumed everyone who would want to link up on December 26th, would have read on December 19th that I was taking the week off. Multiple comments and emails would seem to prove otherwise. MEA CULPA! Here’s to starting off 2015 on the right foot! No more skipped dates without a scheduled reminder Read More