Month: February 2015

{SQT} Applying for the Job of the Future Today and S’more

It is taking all my mental energy to pull together Seven (seven!!) Quick Takes this week that don’t revolve around food. I’ll try to leave my complaints in the past, and regal you with tales of yore, or tidbits of yore. 1. The other HUGE stressor hanging over my head right now is the fact Read More

This Post is Whole30 Approved

Lent is off to a great start. (And by great, I mean great for Lent.) I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with talk of my Whole30, and for the most part I’m keeping all relevant discussion to my Facebook group, but I thought I would post an update on what it’s been like, Read More

{SQT} Thanks to All the Betters

Wowzers; last week I felt too wiped out to write much of anything. Even the thought of staying up late, listening to early 90’s rap, drinking wine and hammering out some Quick Takes seemed like another item on the ‘To Do’ list. But y’all stepped up in a big way! I had 113 link ups Read More

See Me Homeschool: Lucky Friday the 13th

I’m happy to join the “See Me Homeschool” blog hop with Theresa and Micaela. Normally, I wouldn’t pick February to participate in such a thing, since by February, we’re all sort of ‘blah’, (this week is a ‘Science’ week, which means lots of NOVA specials.) But, Theresa said “just pictures” so I thought, I can Read More

Wheel Life: Conversations with Rebecca Frech

When I wanted to start a blog, I Googled every variation of ‘Catholic homeschool blog’, ‘funny Catholic homeschoolers’, etc. to see who was already out there (i.e. size up my competition.) Shoved to Them was one of the first sites I came across and I was an immediate subscriber and fan. I met Rebecca at Read More

{SQT} I’m Counting on You!

I knew it would eventually happen. I’d reach Thursday night and have absolutely no idea what to write for my Quick Takes. In the past, I simply wouldn’t post, but obviously, that’s not an option anymore. This week has overwhelmed me with the mundane and tedious aspects of everyday life. (February tends to do that.) Read More

{WIWS} What is That Burning Orb in the Sky?

After throwing myself into a couple What I Wore Sunday posts early in the fall, temperatures dipped below fifty, meaning I couldn’t go outside and take nice pictures without being too dang cold or bundled up. And since the interior of my house might be, to, um “keeping it real”, I ditched the fashion shots Read More

{SQT} In Here, It’s Always FRIDAY…and don’t you dare forget it!

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I always look forward to seeing y’all around here. In fact hosting Quick Takes has made today my favorite day of the week…. well, that and the fact that it’s the end of a school week, Woohoo! And my kids think they’re excited… I was reminded of this feeling the other Read More

Mommy Play Fatigue Syndrome – RELIEF!

I admit to not being a “loves to play” mom. When one of my children asks me to play a board game (especially one he has created himself) my instinct is to find housework immediately, or if I’m tired, say “Mama needs to use the bathroom” for the next fifteen minutes. When my daughter asks Read More