Month: March 2015

Bloggers Be Writing ‘Bout: Holy Week

We’ve finally arrived at Holy Week! I don’t know about you, but in this household there’s a general giddiness about the approach of Easter. Maybe it has to do with visiting family, or the onslaught of chocolate, but mostly, I hope, everyone is mindful of the significance of our Lord’s resurrection. This is the feast Read More

{SQT} Thanks and Cake on Friday

Back in the saddle, and coming ‘atcha with a full plate of takes. Let’s hit it! 1. Thanks to everyone who read and commented on Wednesday’s post. The words had been brewing for some time and after a rough Tuesday, I just had to type it out. I don’t like to look like a complainer Read More

I’m Not A Good Example Of How To Do It Well

A bit of honesty, without trying to sound like what I said I wanted to avoid.  In a nut shell, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed around here lately. It started a couple of months back when we started seriously trying to get Fulton on a bathroom schedule (that I don’t wish to elaborate on too Read More

{SQT} A New Look and the Same Old, Same Old

Let me start off by saying this week’s takes will not feature a reverse order link-up. Australians and West Coasters prepare to seize your tops spots as usual. 1. I spent more time than usual in my bathrobe last weekend so I could present you with this! It’s a new cover design for my book, Read More

Five Things to do When You Have Writer’s Block

Since I started blogging three years ago, it’s been common for me to go through creative slumps, or dry spells, when I find it absolutely painful to formulate a post or even share a few favorites. In the past, I’d sometimes force myself to post anyway, often in a grumpy mood, and wind up with Read More

{SQT} Sun, Avoiding Face to Face Contact and The Hidden Side to Everything

What a difference a week makes! We’ve had days of sunshine! Multiple. days. in. a. row. My kids are finally outside where they belong, and although the yard is too muddy for the wheelchairs the boys are crashing on the deck with reckless abandonment. 1. Just to recap: this was Saturday, when I went for Read More

{p,h,f,r} A Field Trip Focused on Saltwater Ecosystems

I’ve been saying since the beginning of March, that the first warm sunny day we got was going to become a beach day. Enter Monday with temperatures above 50 and clear sunny skies; field trip!!! {funny} And the first spring beach trip of the year always calls for photos. I did try to warn the Read More

The Samuel L. Jackson of BLEEPING Fundraisers

Ella needs a wheelchair. Please watch my heartfelt plea, then consider donating below. Visit the Virtual Swear Jar. (This video is worth a pretty penny I figure.) And thank you! No children were actually exposed to crude language during the filming of this video.  UPDATE: Ella’s getting her new wheels! Read More

A Fun Kid’s Crate Review

Coming to you from the frozen tundra that is SOUTH JERSEY. Yes, I know this isn’t Alaska or Buffalo, NY but that is exactly why I shouldn’t be dealing with snow and single digit temperatures in March. MARCH! I haven’t been able to get all the kids out of the house these last few days, Read More

{FF} Favorite Lenten Traditions

I hate winter. I hate cold weather. And I hate being stuck inside my house. So it seems only fitting that this is the time of year when Lent falls. I could never do Lent in July ’cause even if I was giving up sugar or alcohol I could still be at the beach or Read More