Month: May 2015

{SQT} Gather ’round the Campfire

Who else is swimming in humidity!? I love it! I can’t believe that May is almost over and I haven’t snuck away to the beach yet. Darned extra curriculars! 1. I’ve been scrambling to plan out all the details of our girls camps for next weekend, which rates somewhere between letting my toddler comb my Read More

Simple Tips for Bringing the Circus to Target

Maybe you’ve been stuck inside for a few days and need a change of scenery. Maybe you’re out of an essential household item: toilet paper, coffee, Lindt truffles and aren’t thinking straight as a result. Or maybe you have older children that can actually verbalize their needs (“Mom, can I please get new pants. My Read More

Why You Need to Know My Weekly Goals

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with habits and their formation, but…. my husband would probably dispute that. Case in point; this book I can’t shut up about! I forget where I first heard about it but, seeing as it’s about habits, and I’m all about constantly tweaking/ reworking / ruining my life I knew I Read More

Sunday Funday Into Manic Monday

I finally feel well rested enough to start my week, though I’m not sure if I have enough added energy for all the catching up I need to do. But, how about a little recap of some of family fun? We spent the past weekend in Virginia with my husband’s oldest brother’s family. The weather Read More

{SQT} I Did More Than I Thought This Week

Welcome back friends for another episode of ‘Man, that week went by fast!’, A.K.A. ‘Why is there still so much left on my to do list?’ 1. Mother’s Day was Sunday and I hope you all treated your mothers right, Mr. T style. This never gets old. And how did I just notice his short Read More

{SQT} Of Course I Assume It’s a Dead Body

Our first week back to school following our April break and we’ve all lived to tell the tale. ..not that I want to know what kind of tale the kids will be telling but I’m going to share about my sleep deprivation. Because who wants to jump into school every morning after a restful night’s Read More

Five Mother’s Day Crafts That Moms Actually Want

The latest issue of Highlights Magazine showed up at my house making BOLD promises. Oh great, more art projects to clutter up my school room and hold onto for years out of guilt. NO THANKS HIGHLIGHTS! I shared the photo on Instagram and the general consensus was most of us hate kids crafts. I mean Read More

{SQT} The Face of Sainthood and Crowdsourcing for Gifts

I had a lot of grandiose plans for this week’s takes, but then I decided to finally KonMari¬†the house while we were off school AND squeeze in a ton of last minute doctors appointments… so, yeah, my house is a disaster, I haven’t completed lesson plans for our last trimester of school (starting Monday!) and Read More