Month: June 2015

Hospitality in the Worst of Circumstances

Every year, since we purchased this house seven years ago, we’ve hosted a large party and invited pretty much everyone we know in the local area. Our first year here, it was a Michaelmas party, held close to September 29th (because Fulton had just been born and we moved in a month later at the Read More

{SQT} After the Storm

  UPDATE: We have power! [happy dance] Breaking the rules and doing just one take due to time constraints. Coming to you this week through the generosity of my in-law’s wi-fi connection and electricity. You might have seen in the news about some severe storms that hit New Jersey (and a good chunk of the Read More

The Week of Awesome #MDAcamp

MDA Camp, how do I love thee, let me count the ways! PHOTO DUMP! All images are from the MDA Philadelphia Facebook page. All campers and volunteers sign waivers to allow their photos to be taken and shared publicly. I invite you to like their page so you can view the rest of the photos from their June Read More

The Summer Bucket List For Underachievers

  About a month or so ago, they started popping up everywhere; Facebook, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, every lifestyle bloggers homepage- the nefarious ‘Summer Bucket List’.  And every single post was littered with smiling all American kid stock photos. If you created one of these and we’re friends, I’m totally not talking about you. I’m talking about Read More

Because You Don’t Want a Vacuum Cleaner On Mother’s Day: Good Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner. I feel like you could recycle my Mother’s Day gift suggestions post for the man in your life with no complaints. However, where’s the fun in that? I find it amusing that for Mother’s Day, we’re expected to pamper mom and get her thoughtful gifts like jewelry, flowers, Read More

{SQT} Being Home Alone is Less Fun Without Macaulay Culkin

Hi everyone. I’m still catching up on sleep here. Because 1. Doing “fun things” when you’re 36 means you need plenty of time to recover (i.e. I’m still paying for sleeping on the ground and hiking straight uphill for what felt like an hour.) And 2. even once I got back, I was flying solo Read More

{SQT} Hair With ‘Poo and the Best Wine Glasses of the Century

Trying to type up the quickest takes I can because the great outdoors are calling. 1. I do believe my hair has fully recovered from the great ‘No Poo’ disaster of ’15. I switched to some products from Maple Holistics and amazingly enough, my scalp is no longer a mix of Valdez spill zone and Read More

Hometown Homeschool Field Trip; Because Visiting Family Wasn’t Educational Enough

After such a successful family outing last week, I thought, why not drive all the kids two an half hours to my hometown to visit with family? Oh, and why not tack on a field trip to a science museum packed to the gills with public school kids just for added pizazz? Seriously though, here’s Read More