Month: July 2015

A Bible Curriculum Moses Could Be Proud Of

Was I at the beach again?? Totally. But I won’t dump a bunch of ocean pictures on you and call it a day. Instead, I’m going to introduce you to a great resource that’s right up there with the Bible… mostly because it talks about the Bible. And Catholics heart the Bible right?! Yes, we Read More

{the weekly reader} Good Reads and Unusual Stuff

Here I am, early Monday, taking the easy blog path and posting a collection of links and stuff. Most people like to share their interesting reads on the weekend, but not me! So here we go, easing into the week of no summer camps with some fun stuff. As I am so behind on my Read More

{SQT} Kids Say Things

It was not my intent to skip a week of blogging. Thankfully, in my absence, Heather has stepped up her game which not only fills in the funny void left by my absence, but also sets the humor bar ever so much higher. So, thanks for that…I guess. 1. I always hear people say, “I Read More

{SQT} Crowd-Sourced Questions For a Mama’s Weary Mind

Welcome back shaky takers. I blinked and it was time to git this post done. Jumping in with both feet. 1. This is my to do list. It is an accurate representation of my brain. Yes, I’ve crossed many things off my list, but I also forgot that my nine year old had camp this Read More

#edel15 My Family Survived on Frozen Pizza While I Ate Grits

Surprise! I can’t catch up from a weekend away in one day. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this week is a total loss. Now I can blog with less guilt. How to summarize Edel without rambling on into eternity or spending too much time on “you had to be there” details, while still Read More

#edel15 The Quotes

As you can probably imagine, coming home after a weekend away means spending all day Monday catching up. I’ve got some laundry to start, some meals to plan, a grocery list to compile and approximatley 1 million social media notifications and messages to respond to. Wowzers. Plus, I’m getting a late start to my day Read More

{SQT} Throwing Up Butterflies Or Something

1. One week until Edel! I’m 50 percent excited, and 50 percent on the verge of throwing up! So yes, I’m just a bit nervous to be speaking, but in a good way. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to not have some nerves before a talk or performance. The few times I was overly Read More