Month: August 2015

{SQT} How to Get From Point A to Point B

Summer’s winding down but the Mantoan family fun just doesn’t stop! Next on tap, a sixteen hour+ drive to the Midwest to visit family and bust a move at a wedding. As you can imagine, I‘m knee deep in trip planning (I’d probably have an easier time arranging to drop Navy SEALS behind enemy lines), Read More

Site Fixed!

Thank you for everyone who let me know my site was hacked. I’m currently trying to work on the problem. Read More

How to Write Your Own Lesson Plans, Part 2; Completing and Motivating

You’ve decided to write your own lesson plans! Good for you! If you’re this far you’ve probably already filled out a Course of Study for each of your students. Now you know what subjects and what materials will be covered for the year. Now the trick is to take all that information and break it Read More

Summer of Psalms: Don’t Labor in Vain

Even though we officially went back to school today (without taking any cute pictures), it’s still technically summer. The temperatures are warm, the days long and now I’m just waiting for the crowds to clear out after Labor Day to make another “field trip” to the beach. I’m happy to keep the summertime celebration going Read More

{SQT} If You Can’t Feel Your Face, Seek Medical Attention

Seven speedy ones because it’s late, and I need to get to bed. 1. I started a series on how to write up your own lesson plans. The goal was to get part one and two up this week, but Teddy decided to start insisting “I’M AWAKE!” around four a.m. the last few days so Read More

How to Write Your Own Lesson Plans, Part 1; Discernment and Preparation

The last time I purchased lesson plans was in the summer of 2006 as I prepared for Addie to start pre-school. Homeschooling was an exciting yet overwhelming prospect. I needed someone to hold my hand and guide me (and Addie) through these unknown waters. Within a few weeks, I quickly realized that we were not Read More

{SQT} One Stop Shopping for SMA Awareness

Thanks to all the readers, new and old, who have stopped by over the last couple weeks to check out my posts about Spinal Muscular Atrophy and how it affects our family. I asked Facebook if there were any additional questions I should answer and I got one I wasn’t sure how to answer and Read More

The Hard Work of Choosing Joy; A Practical Guide

Despite feeling like I’d written everything I had to say about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I decided I did  want to add one new post, based on a response I gave to a question on Jennifer Fulwiler’s radio show. She wanted to know how I could choose joy during the darkest times in my life. What Read More

My Moral Dilemma As A Catholic SMA Mom

Living life as a devout Catholic, one who feels that everything the Church teaches applies to your everyday life, is hard. At best, we are misunderstood, our decisions considered backward or misguided. At worst, the world can be unaccepting and hostile towards those who choose to make sacrifices and hard decisions based on matters of Read More

Seven People Sticking It To SMA

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month will permeate Seven Quick Takes this week, not with depressing statistics, but, in keeping with yesterday’s theme, by featuring seven individuals who are giving SMA the middle finger. Instead of laying around and being miserable (as society might expect), they are out kicking a$$ in their respective fields and giving Read More

{SMA Awareness Month} A Six Year Journey

I don’t often write too deeply on Spinal Muscular Atrophy around here, but seeing as August is SMA awareness month I thought I would write a bit about my journey since that day, slightly more than six years ago when that acronym first entered our everyday lexicon. This year in particular I’ve reflected more on Read More

I’m Guest Posting Across the Internets

Afternoon readers! Just a heads up that today I’m guest posting at Svellerella about ‘Five Ways Being a Special Needs Mom Has Made Me A Better Person.’  #1 I’ve come to see there’s no such thing as a perfect child, except in that every child is perfect just as they’ve been created. I’ve stopped judging children Read More