Month: October 2015

{SQT} Link-toberfest, the Finale

Welcome to the end of October! The month that always kicks my butt a little harder than the rest every year. 1.But why should you care? You might have won one of my awesome Link-toberfest prize packs!!! Blogger Prize Pack #1 Winner: Jen from Into Your Will Blogger Prize Pack #2 Winner: Ann-Marie from Ulczynski Read More

The Elimination of Charity and the Marginalized

Last night our family attended a Halloween party at Dave and Buster’s organized by our local MDA chapter and sponsored by IGT. If you’ve never been to a Dave and Buster’s it’s basically the Colosseum of arcades with a restaurant and bar, and for Monday’s family event, they whipped up a huge buffet of kid friendly foods like sliders, pigs in Read More

{SQT} The Best and Worst of the Takes; Back to the Future Link-toberfest Edition

Actually, I’m not going to reference Back to the Future in these takes, I just thought it made a catchy title …and yay SEO score!   1. Link-toberfest is winding down! This is your last link up to obtain entries for the gaggle of prizes I’m offering! If you’re an unlucky person (like me) who Read More

Saving Money on Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now. Within a 24 hour period, I had two friends ask if I was interested in doing a review/ giveaway on the blog about their oils and I declined because I had just bought oils from a third friend a couple days prior. A search of Pinterest will Read More

My Capsule Wardrobe, a Year Later

Last year, like almost every other female I knew between the ages of 20-60, I purged my closet and jumped on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon. There were good intentions published online about regularly featuring my wardrobe via What I Wore Sunday, but those promises lasted until the temperature dropped and I could no longer take pictures outside. You were Read More

{SQT} Link-toberfest the Third

Welcome back to Link-toberfest III; a sequel that doesn’t suck. Yeah, you heard me Transformers. 1.Things were quiet on the blog this week because my family and I spent a few days at the beach. This is possible because homeschooling is portable and my husband is exclusively working from home right now. As we took Read More

{SQT} Link-toberfest Don’t Stop!

Thanks to everyone who joined up with Link-toberfest last week! But I’m partying like Ke$ha, and this Quick Takes extravaganza is still blowing up! (In a non-hazardous, Fire Safety Awareness Month type way.) First a couple tidbits about my week because I do have a life outside this blog (even though the kids are sick Read More

Why I Keep Homeschooling Even When It Sucks

Based on the post title, you can probably guess about the type of day I had; trouble with our old desktop and older laptop, everyone having a crisis at the exact. same. time., tears, screaming and I repeated the same set of instructions at least 4,598 times. It was the type of day were I pulled Read More

{SQT} Link-toberfest!

On October 2, 2008 my friend and blogger Jennifer Fulwiler hit ‘Publish’ on the very first Seven Quick Takes post at her blog Conversion Diary. A few weeks later on November 14, 2008 she made it a link up for all the cool blogging cats to join. In honor of SEVEN years of continuous SEVEN Read More