Month: November 2015

{SQT} A Godly Sort of Gift Guide

Welcome back to the last in my series of gift guides designed to aid the ambitious in completing their holiday shopping before the new liturgical  year kicks in this Sunday (a.k.a. Advent). Below are seven items for all the godparents and children in your life. First and foremost, gifts are not a requirement of becoming Read More

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring….except for Mama who was staring at a partially thawed turkey, wondering what time her family would actually be able to eat tomorrow. The children were nestled all snug in their beds because Papa had yelled at them to stay out Read More

{SQT} Buy a Present, Help a Friend

1.When I said I would compile a gift guide of items created by other bloggers, I wasn’t thinking of the approximately 3,452,039 bloggers who’ve got a side hustle. It hardly seems appropriate to limit my guide to seven bloggers, seven items, or even seven categories. In a stroke of genius (and slight desperation late on a Thursday night) Read More

Honest, Unsolicited Review of Reading Kingdom or How I Finally Stopped Worrying About Fulton’s Reading

Back in September I did a post detailing all my curriculum picks for the year. I promised a follow-up post. This is not that post. However, I did want to update on Fulton’s reading progress since I alluded to difficulties (a.k.a. I was the world’s worst homeschooling mom) at the time. Fulton has been the Read More

{SQT} Handmade Gifts Anyone Would (Should?) Appreciate

Apparently, there’s a lot of you people who want to finish all your Christmas shopping before Advent, i.e. within the next 15 days. My Halloween decorations are still up. But anyway, you need gifts, I provide gift guides. This month, I’ll be running a short series to help you find the perfect gift for everyone Read More

Beyond Candy and Crafts: Living Liturgically With Older Kids

This week on November 11th,  our family will celebrate Martinmas, and as tradition we will mark the feast of St. Martin of Tours with friends around a roast duck…or maybe two. (But only because we haven’t been able to successfully find a local supplier of fattened geese.) In the past my husband has tried to Read More

{SQT} Seven Ways To Stop Anger From Stealing Your Day

  It’s been a rough week. I really needed another week off after the craziness of my previous week off, however, I do want to be able to wrap the school year up before next September so, back to work it was. My kids would be quick to tell you I’ve been yelling a lot. Read More

Reduce, Reuse and Make Halloween Costumes

Time for a yearly round-up of Halloween costumes. (Yes, we also participate in an All Saints party but these are the costumes I slave over and adore. If that makes me a bad Catholic, so be it!) I thought this year I would actually break down how I made the costumes and the cost. I Read More