Month: December 2015


The Twenty-fifth Day of December, when ages beyond number had run their course from the creation of the world, when God in the beginning created heaven and earth, and formed man in his own likeness; when century upon century had passed since the Almighty set his bow in the clouds after the Great Flood, as Read More

2015 Books and 2016 Considerations

This week is crazy with Christmas prep BUT I just saw Haley’s post about books and earlier this week Goodreads did a “See your year in books!” thing with streamers and confetti and junk AND ANYWAY I decided right now was the perfect moment to continue procrastinating on wrapping presents and share my favorite books Read More

Seven Day Christmas Planner for Winners!

One week until Christmas! The most organized of you have planned and shopped for weeks. Maybe you could even sit back and relax this Advent season. Not me! Now’s the time when I finally break out my Christmas planner. Why spend weeks or months preparing for Christmas when I’ve got it all broken down into Read More

Spiritbit, The Spiritual Fitness Tracker

Still shopping for Christmas gifts? Wondering what to get for those people in your lives who seem to already have it all? Now available is the Spiritbit spiritual health monitor! You’ve already got something strapped to your wrist to monitor your heart rate, time asleep, and activity level; why not apply the same level of Read More

{SQT} Don’t Take the Piano Unless It’s Mine

Welcome to the Seven Quick Takes ‘Written by the Finger of God’ edition. I’m not in any way implying that these takes were actually written by God (except that He’s responsible for my sense of humor) but that today’s link up is actually hosted over at the blog ‘Written by the Finger of God’. Perhaps Read More

Gift Giving That Matters + A Giveaway with Connected in Hope!!!

Decorating trees, baking cookies, wrapping presents; all these things are easily equated with the weeks leading up to Christmas. However Advent, with it’s 40 days and purple vestments, should also remind us of Lent and thus hopefully inspire us to include fasting, penance and almsgiving into our preparation, though to a lesser extent, as we Read More

{SQT} Baby Steps to Living Liturgically

Thanks to Jess for asking me what my family does for Advent after Mass last Sunday. This rant is for you! …in a very roundabout way! Okay, you’re married, have a young family and after stumbling across some Catholic mommy blogs you want to celebrate the liturgical year like Kool and the Gang. You’ve bought Read More

Alf On The Shelf…NOT A Typo

December just arrived, but for weeks now my Pinterest and Facebook feeds have been filled with people filing away ‘Elf On the Shelf’ ideas and pictures. We have lots of Advent and Christmas traditions in our family, however a slightly creepy voyeur elf is NOT one of them. Especially a creepy voyeur that requires me Read More