Month: January 2016

{SQT} Snow, Crazy Lent Plans And Nose Clips

Back for another random edition of what I did when I wasn’t here… no wait, that would just be seven takes of me carrying the boys around, cooking food no one will eat and trying to hide upstairs in my bedroom while everyone screams downstairs. 1. Last Friday night and all through Saturday we were Read More

Spiritual Books Too Good to Put Down, 2.0

If I didn’t inflate your reading list enough last week, how about a few more titles to try this Lent, or maybe, sometime within the next five years? All the ladies who generously shared their top picks with me were limited to three titles and only a brief paragraph on each. You can link up Read More

{SQT} What I’m NOT Doing in 2016

First Tsh posted three things she wasn’t doing this year, then Anne followed with three more and I was like, hell, I’ve got at least seven things I shouldn’t do this year. Let’s make this a Quick Takes. 1.No sleepovers. I will happily drop my children at other kid’s houses, but no one except blood Read More

Spiritual Books Too Great To Put Down

I love to read, but to be completely honest, I read spiritual works less than any other genre. The book I started for Lent two years ago is still unfinished, as is last year’s title. I don’t know why I can’t stay focused… via GIPHY Okay, well, maybe it’s some of that, but whatever the Read More

State of the Blog and “Survey Says!”

You know you’ve arrived in the Catholic Mommy blog world when you attend a homeschool mom’s social and both new attendees recognize you. ——————————————————————————- This February marks four years since I started This Ain’t the Lyceum and this August will mark 10 years since I started my first blog that I don’t tell anyone about. Read More

Seven Step Internet Cleanse

 It’s a well-known fact that to achieve your goals you have to work hard while avoiding distraction. One of the biggest distractions in this day and age is the internet. If you’ve got lofty resolutions this year (like me) but you frequently find yourself sidetracked due to Facebook, Buzzfeed and um, Catholic blogs, you might Read More

{SQT} Comments, Lesson Plans and Obi-Wan

How is it already time for another Quick Takes? Suspicions confirmed that 2016 will move twice as fast as 2015. 1. Thanks to everyone who’s filled out my reader survey! I loved reading the responses and creating neat-o pie graphs with the data in Google Sheets. I’ll probably post the details in a future post, Read More

Resolutions in the Pine Barrens

It’s time for the yearly practice of setting myself up for disappointment! Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions! YAY!!! How’d I do in 2015. To recap, my saint was St. John Bosco, my word was gratitude and my beast was the Jaberwocky. I immediately forgot about ALL OF THOSE THINGS ten minutes after hitting publish on Read More

{SQT} Wrapping Up Loose Ends and Welcoming 2016

Happy New Year Quick Takers! 1. How is your Christmas going (present tense!) ? We finished up the first round of cookies so I’ll probably be baking a fresh batch in time for Epiphany. We visited with lots friends and family members, with more celebrations yet to come.  Our tree, and house, survived two “real” Read More