Month: April 2016

The Seven Deadly Sins of Facebook

Between the election year and recent bathroom issues, my Facebook feed is a continuous stream of negativity, vulgar memes, and articles¬†filled with logical fallacies and click bait titles parading as “viral take downs”. I openly admit to unfollowing most people I’m friends with, especially those who are continually outraged about something. Doesn’t it get exhausting Read More

Encouraging Your Young Musician

Even though we’re off school this month, some things continue like instrument practice. My kids have been steadily taking lessons and practicing their chosen instruments for about two and half years now. (Addie and Byron both took piano for a couple of years before that.) Although I wouldn’t call them “enthusiastic” musicians, they’re all capable Read More

Why I’m Going to My 20th High School Reunion

My 20th high school reunion is coming up soon. Tony and I are planning to attend, along with, I think, about a third of our class. It’s going to be a laid back meet up at a local club with drinks, appetizers and music. The after party will probably be whatever bar my friends and Read More

{SQT} Shut Up and Take My Money Curriculum and the Month of Sacraments

We’re off school this month so, in theory, I should have more time. I should be able to catch up on house work, read, and spend more quality time with my children. But, it never seems to work out that way. So what have I been doing besides not taking down my Easter decorations? 1. Read More

All Your BURNING Parenting Questions Answered

Actually, if something is burning, go get an antibiotic, or a fire extinguisher. Thanks to everyone who read, shared and commented on this week’s posts. Since I’m now a self-proclaimed parenting expert (Dr. Kelly at your service!), I took to Facebook to see what other problems I could solve for my friends and readers. 1. Read More

Part 2: Consistency and Consequences

Find Part One, which explains our Domestic Rule HERE.¬† Once the rules were in place, I consistently enforced them (and still do, though with much less effort now). If I catch a child breaking a rule, I remind them of the rule or make them repeat it to me and then boom, punishment. I don’t Read More

Part 1: Rules and the Role of Obedience

Every so often I find myself involved in a parenting discussion where my humble opinion is actually requested. When these rare occasions arise, and unfortunately more often when they do not, I typically don’t mind sharing our family’s system for rules and consequences and how we generally deter our children from acting like savages. Now Read More

{SQT} !Day Fools April Happy

An InLinkz Link-up How is your Easter STILL GOING? Write it down and link it up! Be sure to include a link back to this post so you readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts! #7 Last but certainly not least, I’m going to hit y’all Read More