Month: May 2016

FINALLY a Fitness Program for Me

Let’s face it, exercise is unpleasant. It’s like that relative you invite to family gatherings because they’re family and they have to be there, but no one really likes them and everyone is uncomfortable until they leave. We need to excercie, or at the very least, not be completely sedentary. But when do we find Read More

{SQT} Beach Trips, Nunchucks, and Stealing Ghosts

1. Finally *FINALLY* it’s starting to feel like May in New Jersey. After an unseasonably warm winter, it seemed a cruel joke for the wet and chilly spring to linger on and on. But no more! Of course that means beach trips. I LOVE THE BEACH IN THE OFF SEASON!! The tide was out, so Read More

{SQT} Social Media Strategy

I’m helping to organize a small regional blogging conference, and in planning, it’s become clear that many bloggers are looking for information on social media; how to grow followers, gain more likes, increase interaction, and generally figure out, what is the point of all this gobbledy gook??   When I’m not sharing blogging tips or parenting advice, Read More

{SQT} Party Planning Like a Boss…a Crazy Boss

I know you’re all waiting to hear about last Saturday’s sacrament party; did the weather cooperate? Did all 120 people show up? Did our septic system hold out???? Okay, so humor me anyway. In an unexpected twist, thanks to a forecast that called for 50 percent or greater chance of rain all day Saturday, we Read More

{SQT} When It Rains It Pours: Flooded With Blessings

Since the last episode of Quick Takes, Fulton received his First Holy Communion. After Mass, we took pictures, came home and had lunch with family, then drove to my hometown of Lancaster, PA for my 20th high school reunion. Don’t worry, Fulton, and Addie, are getting a huge Sacrament celebration tomorrow. And by huge I Read More

Fulton’s First Holy Communion

Saturday morning, we all woke up early and I think the excitement was contagious.   A photo posted by Kelly Mantoan (@kellymantoan) on Apr 30, 2016 at 5:50am PDT Like many second graders this spring, Fulton Ambrose received his First Holy Communion at a morning Mass surrounded by a packed sanctuary of friends and family. Read More