Month: July 2016

{SQT} Quickest Takes From the Shore

Greetings from the beach! It’s been hot, humid and generally, the perfect weather for sitting or standing in a large body of water. So, these have to be some pretty Quick Takes since wi-fi is spotty and staying somewhere other than our home means the boys have approximately 2,928 more requests than usual. 1. Getting Read More

I’m a Special Needs Mom, and This is How I Pray

I know I said I’d be writing about this stuff in August, but, this was a slow week and when inspiration strikes, you gotta go with it. When I get emails from other special needs parents they often mention how alone they feel. Many times, I’m the only other person they know raising a child Read More

{SQT} A Great Read, Playdough Repairs and Zoo Rants

1. Where have I been this week? READING THIS BOOK! In fact, I’m slightly annoyed I had to stop in order to write my Quick Takes, eat, go to the bathroom and otherwise interact with my family. But it’s just SO FASCINATING. At least for me, someone who loves history (I never knew the importance Read More

{SQT} Parties, Burns and Collecting More Data

I love four days weeks! I’m always forgetting what day it is, and therefore am pleasantly surprised when the weekend arrives “early”. But we managed to pack in quite a bit since the last Olympic sized takes so, here goes. 1. We had the best possible weather for our annual party to honor St. John Read More

What Our TV Free House Looks Like Right Now

This month we mark eight years in our current house, and never in that time have we owned a TV. It wasn’t a sudden decision, we’d been weaning ourselves and the kids back in our previous living quarters and moving seemed like the perfect time to make a fresh start. I know there’s all sorts Read More

{SQT} Mom-lympics

In about a month, the world’s greatest athletes will convene in Rio to compete in the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. I was never much of an athlete growing up, so becoming an Olympian was never on my radar. However, as I matured, I developed a unique set of skills that prepared me to compete on Read More