Month: August 2016

First Day of School Essentials For Families With Kids Who Keep Growing

We  started school this week. I’ve got no cute back to school pictures of the kids holding a gently aged chalkboard with their grade on it. We didn’t mark the day with anything special except a box of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels. And thankfully, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that, while my mom Read More

How Can We Keep Our Faith When Bad Things Happen To Our Children?

My final post regarding special needs parenting is inspired from a status another SMA parent posted on Facebook a few months ago. This father was very open about his struggles to maintain his faith. He was mentally keeping track of two columns, and the column for tossing aside what little Christian faith he had left, contained the Read More

The Sadness We Bring To A Diagnosis Should Not Become Our Child’s

I remember the first time Fulton asked me if he would be able to walk when he was an adult. I was getting him ready for bed, when BAM I was hit between the eyes with his innocent question. I remember answering him in a matter of fact way,  “No, you’ll always need a wheelchair.”, Read More

{SQT} Travel, Day Trips and Cheese Curds

1. ROAD TRIP! Things I love about road trips: arriving at the destination and visiting with family Things I hate: everything else about sitting in a van with six other people for 16 hours Highlights have included: 2. Doing the drive in one day because damnit, Tony and I are beasts behind the wheel. Beasts Read More

What To Do When Your Child Won’t Stop Staring At A Person In A Wheelchair

It happened every time I took my family out in public; stares, open mouths, finger pointing, awkward conversations and personal questions. And then my fourth, and soon fifth, children added their wheelchairs to the large family traveling circus and things got even worse. I’m hardly an expert in how to properly act around handicap people, Read More