Month: September 2016

What To Do When You’re Outnumbered By Tiny Humans

While it seems like a lifetime ago, it wasn’t that far back that I had a three kids, three and under. Then four kids five and under. And six years ago, when Teddy was born, Addie had just turned 8. Things are so different now with no babies in the house it’s almost hard to Read More

Rambling Birthday Thoughts or, 38 is Great

It’s my birthday! Go me for living another year and keeping everyone in my house alive too! Though I’m sure Tony and divine intervention played some small part in both those feats. Cue nostalgic music… Birthdays are one of those times during the year when I reflect back, and think about my plans for the Read More

Up Your Spiritual Game With Deliberate Practice

While reading one of the many self-improvement books I frequently indulge in, I came across, once again, the mention of deliberate practice. Since it’s introduction by psychologist and professor Anders Ericsson in 1996, it’s cropped up in numerous books (like Grit) ¬†and articles (see here) ever since. So, not a new concept for me, but Read More

Long Live The Queen!

I’m writing about the election! No, wait come back! Things aren’t going to get all heated around here, mainly because I have the perfect solution to everyone’s presidential woes. Vote for me! headshot courtesy Rachel Cupps 1. Queen Kelly 2016 Yup, I’m bringing back the monarchy. American style democracy has been nice, but I think Read More

2016-17 Curriculum Post for Homeschoolers Who Like Way Too Much Information

This is the probably the latest I’ve ever posted my curriculum choices, so hopefully no one has been waiting to purchase books based on my recommendations. (I’ll be the first to tell you that you value my opinion too highly.) But regardless of what anyone else thinks, I enjoy making a note of all my Read More

{SQT} Radio Shows, Hidden Dessert And Horrible, Uninformed Decisions

Happy Friday! I heart four day weeks! Let’s celebrate with some customary takes. 1. I’m on the radio today, 10 a.m. EST, (Maybe that’s right now! Go listen and come back!) talking about my book ‘A Worthy Reception’ with Allison Gingras of A Seeking Heart radio show on Breadbox Media. Allison’s show is a radio Read More

{SQT} Summer is Not Over, We’ve Just Started School

(blink) Hey, it’s September! But thankfully it’s not officially fall for another 20 days. So just step off with your pumpkin spice everything for a few weeks yet please. 1. We made two visits to Shriners hospital in Philadelphia recently. Their specialty is orthopedics¬†so Tony and I took the boys to discuss their back issues. Read More