2017 Resolutions: It’s Not Official Until They’re Public

Everyone can let out a collective sigh of relief because my New Year’s resolution post is finally done! I just can’t kiss 2016 goodbye, until I share last year’s goals and my dismal success rate. But thankfully I learned to look for that silver lining amidst all the chaos! Let’s jump in.

2016 Resolutions

1.Finish organizing our digital library. No, but I did add a few hundred more photos into the mix that still need to be sorted!

2. Get a beach house. No. Isn’t someone out there in possession of a beach house they’re looking to get rid of?!?

3. Plan another family vacation (like our trip to the Outer Banks). I was hoping for a Florida trip, but we just visited family in the Midwest and did our usual trip to Ocean City. We’re blessed to be able to do both, but neither fulfills my resolution.

4. Incorporate exercise into daily routine. Last January I wrote, “I’ve finally found a system for myself that keeps my days running smoothly. As it becomes more of an ingrained habit, I’m adding smaller goals to each day’s routine. Eventually, I hope to build up to making regular exercise something I do without thinking.” Ha ha! My system took a beating in the spring, sputtered during the summer and has been nonexistent since September. However, Tony and I started taking daily walks and that stuck, no matter the weather. It wasn’t the exercise I envisioned when I made the resolution, however, it’s regular movement (with bonus spouse time thrown in) so I’ll call it a win.

5. Write my book. Writing a book is hard. Like staring at a keyboard in Panera Bread and wanting to jump into the gas fireplace because the music reminds you of how much you suck at telling a story.  I wrote about 20 pages and was like, okay, I think I’ve said everything I needed to say about that (i.e. my entire life up to this point). But I’m pretty sure I need more pages so…..

My goal was to get a first draft done this year. I made it to about 30 pages. I’m trying to make time to go back and fill in with more detail, but it’s amazing how sketchy my memory is with some things. I think I might need an agent, editor or pact with the devil or something.

I do want to make a note of some things I did do that, while not fulfilling resolutions, were still good accomplishments that I should recognize if only to stop myself from feeling like I never get anything done. In 2016 I:
released a retreat book
updated and re-released my planner
spoke at a national homeschooling conference
prepared for, and hosted, two orphans
organized two parties in two months, each with 100+ people in attendance (the majority children)
repainted the downstairs bathroom
caught up on a lot of medical appointments
learned to make Moscow Mules and real Whiskey Sours (the secret is egg whites!)
(and as mentioned above) started walking regularly with my husband, plus we now go on at least monthly date nights

2017 Resolutions

The year, my #1 personal resolution is mindfulness. I’ll write more about it in a future post (slowly adding to it in the draft folder), but participating in the Catholic Mindfulness course helped me learn the tools I need to worry less, even when things are crazy and out of control; and my life can easily feel very crazy, very out of control and very overwhelming at times.

The #1 resolution my husband and I are working on together (and bringing the kids into the discussion when necessary) is how to reduce how stressful our schedule has become. Both of us feel that we are stretched too thin every moment of every day, and it’s affecting our ability to effectively plan for future events. Every thing comes down to the last-minute, because we can’t give any thought to anything until it’s in the present. And if a project doesn’t have a set, external due date (someone else needs something), it’s likely to sit uncompleted for a very long time because there are too many other immediate demands. (See resolution #1 above.)

I feel guilty when I’m not actively doing something, because there’s so much to do, even though I know, without taking time for myself, I bring more anger and frustration to everything. I need the peace that Catholic mindfulness can bring when practiced regularity, plus a better family schedule so the time we’re all together isn’t so frantic.

So those are the big two. If we can pull those off, everything else will fall into place. I’ll be able to make time to write my book, organize our photos (before our computer dies) , study “Shelby”, and find a free accessible beach house.

My only book goal this year is to read War and Peace (after finishing Dr. Zhivago.) Maybe I’ll finally tackle Waugh’s Sword of Honor and then I can make this the year I read about wars.

In keeping with tradition, I selected a saint for the year, except my saint is actually a blessed; Bl. Sára Salkaházi. She sounds pretty bad ass. So long as this doesn’t mean I’m getting executed along the Danube, I’m cool with this selection. Last year I had St. Genevieve, and I’m disappointed to report I did not get to drive any barbaric invaders from my home, only a few Jehovah’s Witnesses.

And since it’s been about the Simpsons lately, I went with Pinchy the Lobster as my yearly beast. (But you can call him Zwicky. )

Tell me about your resolutions? How’d you do with last year’s, and what are you planning for 2017?


  1. I think you’ve accomplished plenty – in fact, when I read your blog, I often wonder how you get so much done. So I guess it’s just perspective. On a personal note, I’ve found that I’ve drifted away from yearly goals and instead have smaller lists that I update as I accomplish items. Without the clock (calendar?) ticking away to pressure me, I seem to have achieved more goals. But maybe that’s just perspective, too 🙂

  2. If you can get through War and Peace, please tell me how you did it. 🙂 I’ve tried three times and it has defeated me EVERY TIME. I feel like a Literature Failure!!!

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