Month: March 2017

{SQT} Memorials, Side Bangs and Prayer Requests

Usual miscellany this week. 1. First, let us stop to pause and remember the great bat tragedy of March 30, 2013, an evening that will forever live in infamy. When a large 13 pound bat emerged from the attic of our house to terrorize me while the children slept and Tony was off at our Read More

{SQT} The Lenten Slump in GIFs

1. WE ARE OFFICIALLY HALFWAY THROUGH LENT!!! Can’t you almost taste the Cadbury eggs and jelly beans stolen from your children’s Easter baskets? I may have gone in the basement and started sniffing the inside of our plastic eggs in a moment of desperation. via GIPHY 2. In the few moments when I’m not feeling Read More

The Benedict Option

I typically stay away from politics and current events, however, when Sentinel Publishing reached out and asked if I wanted to preview Rod Dreher’s new book ‘The Benedict Option’, I decided y’all would just have to deal with a slightly controversial review to satisfy my own book lust. If just the mention of the American Read More

Seven Things Working In Our Homeschool Right Now

Since we’re more than halfway through the school year, I thought, for once, that I would actually do a mid-year follow-up on what’s working in our homeschool. (There’s also some things not working, but that’s a post for another time.) You can read about my 2016-17 curriculum choices here for comparison.   1. Addie is Read More

{SQT} Contamination

Guys, I’m sick as a dog, and unlike Anne who can blog through a medical calamity, I’m just posting the link up code and going to bed. It’s feeling very Lent-y up in here. So link up below…blah, blah, blah. An InLinkz Link-up Read More