Month: April 2017

The Struggle to Raise Generous, Financially Savvy Kids

The ushers came around and Tony handed Fulton our envelope. Teddy insisted it was his turn to put money in the  offering basket, so Tony handed him a dollar to stop the complaints. Both happily put the money in the basket as it passed. But this Sunday for some reason, something clicked. As our older three Read More

Seven Lenten Lessons to Take Into the Easter Season and Beyond

Coming off an Easter break and I’m happy to say everyone is healthy. Fulton would like to personally thank the makers of Tamiflu, and I would like to thank my in-laws for running our house for two days while I lived on the edge of death…or felt like it. It was the Lenty-est of Lents Read More

{SQT} Plague Doctor Kelly Reporting For Duty

1. Been walking around all week like… 2. BUT, thanks in no small part to your prayers, Fulton has not caught the same bug as Teddy, Byron, Edie and Addie. He did manage to somehow pick up an ear infection despite having no symptoms of a cold or fever, but, I’ll take it over a Read More