Month: May 2017

Seven Ways To Observe Memorial Day As A Catholic

This weekend, like many of you, I will be consuming grilled food, drinking party beverages, and hopefully soaking up some rays poolside. But, Memorial Day is so much more than just the start to the summer season. Personally, I think it is one government holiday that we can baptize just a bit. So prepare to Read More

{SQT} Beach Trips For the Enthusiastic

The temps sky rocketed this week which means we were obligated to go to the beach. But, now that the kids are a bit older, the logistics are changing.  An updated look at a day trip to the beach in seven. 1. Convince Addie that she does indeed want to come to the beach with Read More

The World Will Be Saved By Beauty

Since everyone wants to know about the book I was pouring over last week, here’s the review I didn’t have the brain cells to write late last Thursday night. I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I’m a big Dorothy Day fan, so when Shannon shared ‘Dorothy Day, The World Will Be Saved by Beauty, Read More

How To Teach Catholic Kids About The Middle Ages

At some point in your children’s education they’re going to learn about the Reformation. If you have a nice Catholic homeschooling family like mine, you try to make do with the Protestant history book you have while skipping a few sentences during your read aloud…before your husband walks into the school room and hears you Read More