Month: June 2017

{SQT} Camp, Cooler Fires, French Eating And A Free Piano

And now we find ourselves at the end of June. 1. That means my next newsletter will be out this weekend (UPDATED: More likely, early this week. You still have time!).  After several inquiries from this post, I’ll be including information, and a handy printable, to help you craft your own homeschool mission statement. I’ll Read More

Summer Schedules For Parents Who Cannot Even

1. After about a day of no school, our household quickly descends into a free for all, every man for himself, Lord of the Flies type environment. As much as I enjoy a break from the work that homeschooling entails, without some structure to our day, our house and I are usually a couple of Read More

{SQT}Breaking the Law or Enjoying Time Alone With My Husband

1. Last Saturday, I drove the older three children to Lancaster, PA to spend the week with my parents. They were excited, my mom was excited, and even my dad was slightly enthusiastic to teach them gun safety and drive them through his hometown. The next day Tony and I took Teddy and Fulton to Read More

How To Evaluate Your Homeschool Year So You Don’t Feel Like A Failure

1. Who’s done with schooooooooooolllll?? Not meeeeeeeeee!!! It’s okay though. We’re in the homestretch and everything is fine. 2. No seriously, all’s fine. We’ve made TONS of progress and we’re ending on a high note! 3. So I feel TOTALLY qualified to give advice on how to evaluate your homeschool year. Join me on this Read More

{SQT} Good News, Good Friends And A Not So Good Mom

1. First things first! I got word yesterday that both boys were approved by their insurance company to begin receiving Spinraza (the first drug approved by the FDA to treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy)!!!!! Due to who knows what I had not received an update in some time from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was understandably concerned, Read More