Month: October 2017

{SQT} The Usual Late October Costume Panic and Related Pandemonium

It’s my favorite time of year! Crazy October ‘when everything happens at once’ time! Yay!!!!!!! Let’s jump right into the fun shall we?? 1. The boys were scheduled to get their fourth Spinraza doses on Monday (background on Spinraza here) and unfortunately, Teddy came down with a stomach bug on Sunday into early Monday morning Read More

How To Use Facebook Groups to Build A Community

When Tony and I moved our family to New Jersey twelve years ago, it wasn’t meant to last. New Jersey was supposed to be a temporary stop on our way somewhere, anywhere, else. But shortly after arriving we found our current parish, one in which we finally weren’t the only family with lots of young Read More

My Husband and I Are Still Madly In Love And Happily Married After More Than 16 Years

Friday the 13th is a lucky day this month since it happens to beĀ our 16th wedding anniversary. In general, I tend to think of 13 as a lucky number just because of my anniversary (and Fatima….totally also the Fatima apparitions). People keep asking me if we’re doing something “special” and I’m like, maybe??? Applebee’s does Read More

{SQT} Piano Bars and Additional Ramps

Happy Fri-yay! I’m pushing through the fatigue to drop you seven hot takes today! Shall we begin? 1. I turned 39 last week and on Saturday my parents gave me a record player for my birthday. If I wasn’t 39 I’m pretty sure this would up my hipster street cred…and if I hadn’t run out Read More