Month: November 2017

{SQT} School, Spinraza and Some Gift Ideas

Feels like it’s been awhile; how about some old school takes? 1. On Sunday, November 19th we celebrated my mom’s 65th birthday and her retirement from a company she’s worked at for 41 years. She’d planned a big party, with tons of food, and friends and family I hadn’t seen in years. Best comment was Read More

We Don’t Celebrate Advent

Now that I lured you in with that click bait title you can relax: our family has not abandoned Advent! However, we definitely don’t celebrate it – we observe it the way we do Lent (though not as strictly), and we celebrate Christmas in its proper time (for twelve days, and in small ways up Read More

Attacking Fall Homeschool Burnout For Happier Holidays

Welcome to the end of November! Have you had your first homeschooling meltdown yet??? Feeling on the verge? With the holidays around the corner, it’s easy to think “Let’s take off a little time to prep for Thanksgiving” and next thing your know, it’s Candlemas and not only are you behind in every subject, but Read More

How To Spend the Holidays With People Who Disagree With You

The holiday season is upon us! Families will be hitting the road to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, these joyful occasions can be ruined by the attendance of those with whom we vehemently disagrees, or just dislike. Feasting, and the sharing of memories and gifts can be overshadowed Read More

Leftover Candy…Not Just For Eating In Secret Anymore

Maybe you’ve got a glut of leftover Halloween candy you feel really guilty throwing away (even though you know it’s evil, evil sugar with zero nutritional value.) Or maybe you see all the huge bags of candy marked down in the store and you hate to not take advantage of a good deal. Here’s seven Read More