Month: March 2018

My Conversion Story

This week, in honor of the holiest day of the year (a.k.a. EASTER) I thought I would share my conversion story. I’ve always hesitated to share too much because I don’t want my parents or family or friends from my old church, many of whom I still see, to be upset or feel attacked. This Read More

So, Just How Is School Going Anyway??

Last year was the first year I finally remembered to do a mid-year follow-up on my school year (cause I know everyone was just salivating at their keyboards waiting for the update I’d promised for the previous four years). I didn’t mention the fact that, behind the scenes, I was enrolling the boys in school. Read More

{SQT}The Year Fasting Became Hard Again, And Other Tales From The Lenten Trenches

For the last few Lents, I’ve shared my goals; what I’m giving up, doing, or not doing, in the run up to Easter. With our Florida trip coinciding nicely with Ash Wednesday, that didn’t happen…though I truly did have the best of intentions! So, instead of the long post sharing what strange eating plan I’ve Read More

A Big Family Balancing Act: Juggling It All

Colleen did a great post recently entitled “The Care and Feeding of A Big Family”. I loved the look inside Colleen’s home and how she makes everything work as a family of nine. Now my family isn’t as big as hers but I thought I would share how my big family makes things work. If Read More

Part 2 Of ‘The Florida Adventure’, Coming Soon To A Quick Takes Near You!

And now for the thrilling conclusion to “The Waistband of My Skirt Is Cutting Painfully Into My Extended Gut” a.k.a. #nationalmantoanwintervacation. (For the record, I didn’t mean to take another week to complete last week’s Takes but…. here we are anyway. But don’t worry, I made the remaining takes EXTRA wordy! And dropped in a Read More