Month: April 2018

Dusting Off My Top Hat And Cane

Nothing too exciting to report…except that I’ll be going to NYC tonight to help Catholic A-lister Jennifer Fulwiler celebrate the release of her new book ‘One Beautiful Dream’! via GIPHY Since her party is at the upscale Yale Club in downtown Manhattan, I’m going dressed as the fanciest person I could think of- the Monopoly Read More

{SQT} Activities, Books, And More Likes Please

1. Jumping right into some wintry Quick Takes, because Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know it’s April. (scavenging up some coppers with a few affiliate links too) via GIPHY 2. Fulton started baseball last week. Practices/ games are twice a week and are fun, low stress events. He really enjoys it, but would like bigger Read More

Moving Onto The Grid – Time Wise

A little while back Christy wrote a great post about her daily routine as a SAHM and how it’s changed, and hasn’t changed, through the years. I’ve been meaning to write my own thoughts on the matter, so here we are, three months after Christy’s post with my Jack Handy deep thoughts. THat in itself Read More

Seven Ways I’m Caring For My Middle Aged Self

Self care is a popular, if not sometimes controversial topic for bloggers these days. Some people abhor the word, while others use it to describe everything from naps to gym memberships. I don’t mind the term and use it in my writing, but I don’t think I’ve ever defined it before and perhaps should do Read More

Free Dates For Catholic Couples

Last week, Tony and I slipped out for a couple hours alone while the kids watched a movie. As long as Fulton and Teddy are healthy, or at school, we’re comfortable stopping by a nearby restaurant for lunch, dinner, drinks or just uninteruppted adult conversation. Taking a walk after lunch or dinner is also no Read More

{SQT} Five, Seven, Five

We haven’t even wrapped up the Easter Octave and everyone in the family is a mess from all the junk food we’ve managed to consume in such a short amount of time. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m tired, yet I can’t. stop. stealing everyone’s candy. And so, here’s Seven Quick Takes in haiku. Read More