2021 House Tour

I don’t know why I think this is a big deal to anyone but me, but I did another video tour of our house. If you love videos of women rambling while they show you their normal, non-Instagram worthy house, you’ll love this home tour!

This blog, more than anything, is a way for me to organize memories. Sometimes I like to share practical things I’ve learned, other times, it’s a random catch-all of family happenings. Pictures can be helpful, but occasionally only a video can do a topic justice. I don’t have any video tours our first few homes and I wish I did. I didn’t realize how much we would wind up moving in the early years of our marriage and while I have pictures, I wish I had more to show the kids about where they were born or spent their early days. So regardless of whether or not oversharing the interior of my home is interesting to my readers, it’s important to me, so on the blog (and onto YouTube) for posterity it goes!

For whatever reason, I didn’t re-watch my first video before filming the second so at several points I thought I was showing ALL NEW THINGS when really I’d just forgotten showing them in the first video. I also animatedly talk about several of the same things (flowered wallpaper on the bathroom ceilings, the rotary phone, my desk, can you say STORAGE?, etc.) unaware I already shared my strong affection for them the first time. I’d also forgotten just how messy our house was in that first video; we’d literally just moved in. Fulton and Teddy’s opinions on appearing in the tour remained unchanged after two years, so I did make sure to edit them both out. (You can watch the first tour HERE.)

Within the next couple years, I hope we’re able to add a patio to the yard (so the boys have a nice, large, non-muddy place to drive their chairs), and some accessibly features (ceiling mounted Hoyer lift, elevator, and deck with a ramp so they can quickly exit their bedroom in an emergency). Renovating the kitchen and extending the screened in porch to make room for a hot tub/therapy pool are two long term “dream” goals.

It’s not quite Seven Quick Takes, but watching that video is like reading a long post, so, we’ll call it even. Write down your Takes and link them up below. Be sure to include a link back to this post so your readers can find the rest of the Quick Takes. I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. I loved your house tour. I enjoy seeing how people set up their houses and get ideas for mine that way. I thought your girls’ upstairs room was neat, especially the built in beds. And your bookshelves are like looking at a treasure room!

  2. Thank you for the virtual house tour:-)). What great space for your family! Love all the bookshelves, storage, and in particular, the family cat!!

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