2022 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s time to review last year’s resolutions (including one I’d totally forgotten about) and set some goals for the new year, as well as select a new beast to guide me in monstrous fashion through 2022.

First things first; how’d I do with last year’s resolutions?

  • Eat healthy as a family. – Spurred on by reading another health book I resolved to phase out vegetable oils from our family’s diet. I’d hoped to introduce some other healthier foods into our diet as well, but ultimately only the reduced vegetable oil part stuck. In the beginning, it was tough to cut out certain foods, but in time I found substitutes for many things, and others we made do without or enjoyed them only on special occasions. In general, once school started back up in August (which is also when we have a lot of family birthdays) more vegetable oils creeped back into our diet, but it’s now a lot easier for me to meal plan, grocery shop, and prepare meals sans vegetable oils. I had my own personal health goals that I adopted later in the year that I was pretty successful at, and I’m going to devote another post to that topic exclusively at some point in the near future (not because I think you’re all dying to know, but because I want to document some stuff). But overall, I think there were some good changes made.
  • Commit to a daily prayer time. – Eh. Definitely haven’t developed a habit, though there were times during the year that I was consistent for long stretches.
  • Continue to grow Accepting the Gift. – This was where I was probably most successful. Competing in the OSV Challenge opened up a world of opportunities for my ministry. I’m now working on projects with a team of a contributors I couldn’t have imagined last year at this time.
  • Read more books. – I’d really fallen behind in reading in 2020 and so I set a goal of 30 books for 2021. I finished 27, so not too bad. I’ve set a new goal of 40 books for 2022 that I’m not making an “official” resolution, so I won’t stress out about it.
  • Engage with my followers in a balanced way to ensure a successful book release, while not tying myself to social media. – There were times I really tried to up my engagement on social media, especially on Instagram, in the last year. But honestly, I just didn’t want to, and many times it felt forced. I do like scrolling and seeing what others are up to, but I simply don’t want to post more on social media. Did it affect my book release? I don’t know. I’m sure more social posts would’ve helped but it would’ve come at the cost of homeschooling, housekeeping, sleeping, and I was already struggling in all those areas post-OSV Challenge. I really couldn’t find a good balance.
  • Catch up on all my own medical appointments. – Oh hey! I made this a resolution! I did get to an eye doctor in February, and then forgot to make any other appointments.

And now onto 2022!! In reading through my past resolution posts I find there are some typical resolution categories: prayer, diet and exercise, social media, writing or “professional”, and the all encompassing “how to deal with the overwhelming chaos that is my life”. It’s good to see how I’ve actually achieved some of the big goals I set for myself through the years (exercise regularly, write a book, read War and Peace, organize our digital photos, grow my ministry), but it can also be frustrating to see how some things never seem to change. One year I made a list of a few big things I accomplished that were not resolutions, and that helped to put things in perspective.

For 2022, I want to:

  • Continue to work on building a habit of daily prayer and incorporating more silent prayer and time in Adoration.
  • Continue with the changes I’ve made to our family’s diet while always striving to do better, specifically through including a wider variety of whole foods at each meal.
  • Continue with my exercise routine and try to increase in strength.
  • Not take on any new projects!!!!!! I have a list of projects to work on for Accepting the Gift, and I’m compiling a list of home and crafting projects to focus on finishing. At the end of the year, hopefully I’ll have a list of accomplishments to be proud of.
  • I would like to get off social media entirely and deactivate my accounts, however, that might become a big project if I try to move groups or save information from various platforms. So, I need to think about this a bit more, but maybe just figuring out logistics should actually be the resolution.

And my beast? I’m going with BIG FOOT! Strong, hairy, silent, able to invoke fear with just a glance; that seems about right for 2022. When things get tough, I can just escape to the woods to sulk and take grainy selfies.

Don’t forget to pick your own beast with my RANDOM BEAST SPINNER!!! Who needs a word or a saint when you can have a whole epic beast???

To all my friends and followers, Happy New Year, and may all your resolutions come true!! (You can check my track record by reading all my resolution posts HERE.)


  1. Medusa! Given my big hair in the late 80’s, this was meant to be!
    Why try to remove vegetable oils from your diet? I have not heard of that one before.
    Hire your daughter to be your social media intern! She can do a weekly post for you and get your message out, and you can sit back and get some extra sleep.
    Good luck with your resolutions.

  2. There are a number of really great prayer podcasts. Nothing like praying the Divine Office in the shower or while commuting (quite helpful with road rage).

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