35K For SMA

I finished 35K! Thank you to everyone who donated and ran with me! Together we raised more than $2,200 for families raising a child, or children, with Spinal Muscular Atrophy!

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Despite a painful aversion to physical activity, I’m celebrating my 35th birthday by running seven, 5Ks to raise money and awareness for families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It all kicks off August 2013 during Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month. 

Since Fulton’s diagnosis, our family has been blessed many times over by friends and family. Through their generous donations of time and money, we’ve modified the house, bought equipment, paid bills and so much more. No matter what the future may hold, we’re surrounded by a loving community ready to step up and do whatever it takes. But not every family raising a child, or children, with SMA is as lucky. That’s why I feel like now, it’s my time to pay it forward and spread the love that has been so generously bestowed upon us.

This page will contain links detailing donation totals, information on the charities I’m running for, upcoming races, photo galleries, merchandise and more. Donate if you can and spread the word. For the latest blog posts, visit the {35K4SMA} category. For a history on our family’s battle with SMA visit the SMA page.

The Charities 

SMA It Forward -SMA It Forward founder Cashel, and his sister Allie, both have SMA. They are raising money for a handicap van. I know first hand how hard it is to find a vehicle to comfortably fit two wheelchairs. And if anyone deserves a sweet new ride, it’s Cashel. His website and Facebook page are filled with positive and uplifting stories and reflections; proof that SMA cannot touch the heart and soul of those affected.

These charities all donate money directly to families overwhelmed by the costs of raising a child with SMA, in addition to supporting research:

The Getty Owl Foundation

Unite 4 Peyton

Marshall’s Miles

The Runs

8/17 Graffiti Run, Camden NJ

9/15 EHTPAL 5K Enforcer Challenge Mud Run

10/20 Run the Vineyards, Mullica Hill NJ

12/7 Ugly Sweater Run, Philadelphia, PA

4/26 UDS Paws for a Cause Run, Lancaster, PA

6/14 – 6/21 Virtual 5K

6/21 Laughing At My Nightmare, Bethlehem PA

Donation Totals

Merchandise –purchase your own 35K For SMA t-shirt

Other great SMA charities Many of these are organizations started by families who tirelessly work to spread awareness and raise money for research.

Laughing At My Nightmare

A Cure For Addison

3 Brothers For a Cure

Cure SMA For Allie & RJ

Hakuna Matata For Alexander

The Fight For Calypso Odessa Hope

Kisses For Katie – kicking off in November 2013 – Cannot find the page for this. If someone has a link please let me know. 

Kure For Kulas

Wyatt’s Wish

Unlock the Kaige

Sophie’s Cure Foundation

Wyatt Kyle Sutker Foundation

Logan Ruth SMA Foundation

SMA Angels Charity

Team Kaylee Swing Project

Blankets for SMA Visit Brenda and MJ on Facebook too!

Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Fight SMA

Jennifer Trust for SMA

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and Project Mariposa

(To have another charity added to this list, please email me with the website / Facebook page address. Thank you.)

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