{35K4SMA} Only Six More To Go

Waiting on pins and needles? Wait no more! I’m alive! Contrary to all my predictions, my first 5K did not kill me, just aged me only ever so slightly. (But that was because I forgot to wear my glasses and almost got myself lost in the wilds of Camden.) The weather was too perfect for August, check-in was a breeze and I had two great friends participating with me.

We. are. ROCKSTARS!!

After a brief warm-up (see above clip) I was ready.

I was a bit stressed about my racing attire. I ordered a white 35K For SMA shirt but my usual running skirt was navy blue and I wasn’t sure I wanted it pelted with color. But what did I have that would be comfortable and show off the dye? Then I remembered a black and white snake-skin skirt I bought at Goodwill for an 80’s party a year or so back. I dug it out of the girls dress up bin and knew I’d found my official competition skirt for today’s race, and every race after. The NFL linebacker sized swipes of eye black were just an extra touch of awesome. They would’ve totally justified me had I decided to tackle anyone trotting past in a tutu.

My biggest fear when I arrived was that I’d have to go poop during the run. Ever since I saw this story I’ve been convinced that when the urge hits and you’re running you just need to stop and go right now, like a bear in nature or something. I mean, maybe once I’ve got a few more 5Ks under my belt I’d feel comfortable doing that if everyone else is, but not my first race. Never before have I heaved such a sigh a relief at the sight of so many portable toilets.

And despite actually running the whole thing I still had energy to dance around to a little Rhianna and Flo Rida at the after race party stage. Strangely enough, no one approached me to talk SMA, despite the back of my shirt inviting them to do so. (Dare I blame the pre-run warm up style moves?) Not that I could have had a conversation with all the music blaring. So it wasn’t as much a win on the awareness front as I would’ve liked, but I still have six more chances. Uh… yay, I guess.

photo (22)
Spreading awareness one awkward pose at a time.

I got home, pumped up from not dying or even taking the Lord’s name in vain, but quickly collapsed into a worthless pile of exhaustion and misery after my shower. Next time, I need to fuel up with more than coffee and a bowl of Gorilla Munch. FYI: a large GF brownie with peanut butter icing at 10:30 p.m. the night before will do nothing to help you

If you are considering doing a Graffiti run, be aware that the color will stick to your sweaty parts like soap scum in a shower. I took a blast of pink straight to the gut and despite numerous scrubbings, and wearing a shirt, my stomach still looks sunburned. My right armpit is off-color, plus I still have streaks of blue on my ankle and wrist. I have yet to convince Fulton that I wasn’t tattooed.

But I did it, and like the potty training book I’ve read Teddy 298,093 times in the last week, now I know I can. I can run another 5K and I will do it again! …and again, and again….you get the idea.

Ready to donate, run yourself or just need more info? Visit my 35K For SMA page. Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far and to all those spreading the word online!


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