{SQT} Don’t Take the Piano Unless It’s Mine

Welcome to the Seven Quick Takes ‘Written by the Finger of God’ edition. I’m not in any way implying that these takes were actually written by God (except that He’s responsible for my sense of humor) but that today’s link up is actually hosted over at the blog ‘Written by the Finger of God’. Perhaps Anabelle is insinuating that God pens her blog. I don’t know. Go ask her (and be sure to link up.)

seven quick takes friday 2

1. Probably should mention I’m hosting a giveaway for an organization that helps women and their families in Ethiopia. If you don’t enter it means you hate poor people in Africa. I’d really hate to see co-workers throw that back in your face at an office holiday party so why not click-through, enter and then shop responsibly?

2. I intended¬†to make it a whole separate post BUT… my planner, ‘The Best Laid Plans’ is now available in 5.5 x 8.5 mini binder size!!!!!!



For everyone who liked the layout of the planner but wanted something smaller to fit in their Filofax or handbag- your wish is my command. The only difference is the smaller size doesn’t feature any of my writing. I’ve tried it out for a couple of months and really like it myself. Download it now for only $5. The full size planner is still only $8 to download. Purchase a full size printed copy at lulu.com for only $16 by December 15th (choose Priority) for delivery in time for Christmas.

3. We wrap up school for the trimester today. Now I can actually start thinking about Christmas preparation. We’ll start decorating this weekend and Tony and I will finally figure out what we’re buying the kids that can possibly top the last two years major gifts. (2013: trampoline, 2014: Kindle Fires). We’re leaning towards experience gifts, with the kids themselves pushing for tickets to Comic Con (though I don’t see us traveling to San Diego any time in the near future.) I also need to figure out what to buy Tony, the man with only rare books on his Amazon Wish List. Some considerations:

Whiskey Scratch and Sniff Board Book


D&D Dice Mug

But, with Prime I have time so we’ll see.

4. If I ever get a burst of energy¬†I’ve already got a slew of ideas saved on Pinterest and in the archives. Go me! Aim for the stars!

Christmas Card Templates

Last-minute Handmade Bookmarks Make the perfect gift! 

How to Use Amazon’s Wish List to Make Holiday Giving Easier¬†

What NOT to Buy For Your Kids


Follow Kelly’s board Advent on Pinterest.

¬†Follow Kelly’s board Christmas Inspiration on Pinterest.


5. We might have room for a Christmas tree if we can sell our piano.


Lemme tell you about the general process of buying / acquiring a piano.

“Wow, look at that empty wall. We really need something to fill that space.”

“Oh look, someone is getting rid of a piano for cheap on: Craigslist / Facebook/ garage sale/ estate sale. I used to play the piano. Maybe I should start practicing again. I’m sure as an adult I won’t hate it as much as I did as a child.”

“Wow. I hate playing the piano. But I’m sure one of my children will love playing the piano.”


[Insert years of silence or other musical instruments being played]

“Wow, that piano takes up a lot of space. I could really use that space for anything but a dusty piano covered with crap.” Calls children on phone; “Hey favorite child, do you want to have this family heirloom piano that you used to play? How can I guilt trip you into taking this off my hands?” All respond either;

“There’s no way in hell I’m taking that piano.” (The trauma of forced piano drills is still too fresh.)

“Sorry, but we already got a piano from Craigslist/ Facebook/ garage sale/ estate sale. I found my old books and I think I might teach Junior to play! I’m sure we’ll enjoy learning together!”

Anyway, this piano came into our¬†possession¬†through family and while it’s lovely, it’s basically become a dusty wheelchair target. I’m praying to the patron saint of piano players that someone makes an offer on it.

6. I’m done at six. It’s my week off so I can cut corners like that. Next week it will be business as usual. Now go to ‘Written By the Finger of God’ to read more takes and link up! I still look forward to reading your posts!


  1. So who is the patron saint of piano players? A girl’s gotta know! (My piano skills are also in the “usta could” stage, to quote a Jeff Foxworthy expression.)

    1. I’m guessing St. Cecilia, since she’s the patron saint of music-I’m sure that’d apply to pianos, right? I dunno. There probably is a more specific patron of pianos haha.

  2. I’d love to take your piano! Well.. I mean purchase it- taking it it would just be rude ūüėČ I’m not entirely sure my children (or my husband) would think a family gift of said piano that not one of us knows how to play was a good idea. Unless that scratch and sniff board book is about 90 proof…then I might be able to get the hubs on board! Shoot, this nursing mama might make a unilateral decision if I get ahold of a scratch and sniff margarita book…mmmm, margaritas…what were we talking about?

  3. Haha oh my, I’ve never thought of that kind of problem with pianos! It totally makes sense, though-what to do when it’s not being used and takes up space? I hope that you find a home for it! Oooh, Comic Con tickets would be an amazing present, I approve of your kids’ taste ūüôā

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