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#edel15 My Family Survived on Frozen Pizza While I Ate Grits

Surprise! I can’t catch up from a weekend away in one day. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this week is a total loss. Now I can blog with less guilt. How to summarize Edel without rambling on into eternity or spending too much time on “you had to be there” details, while still Read More

{SQT} My Seven Reasonable Demands

Welcome Conversion Diary readers to the latest episode of Seven Quick Takes. I’m honored to be hosting this week as Jen continues her reign of airwave domination. If you’re not a regular reader in these parts, please excuse the lack of scorpion references and feminine cowboy hats. Rest assured that Jen would not trust me Read More

{SQT} I Write, I Tweet and I Beg for Money to Speak

It’s Monday! How about I type up all the random stuff I was going to write about on Friday but didn’t? Thank you for your understanding. 1. We finished our first week of school without much more drama. The early morning wake ups weren’t that big a deal after Tuesday. Although, as early mornings used Read More

Get Your Wheels On The Beach

I’m back from a fun week at the beach with the family. Nothing like a family vacation to break all the great habits you’ve worked so hard to instill in yourself and your children. I’m sorry I don’t have another karaoke video to drop on you, or anything. I know I’ve gained some new readers Read More

EDEL ’14 : Snapshots and Flo Rida

I’m going to the beach in two hours, so I can’t type out all the awesome that was Edel 2014. All I can do is drop a few pictures and captions in, as time and wifi permit, along with a blurry karaoke video that might be my ticket to viral online success. Safe to say, Read More

My Alleged Connections To The Edel Gathering

I mentioned it across social media on Friday, but it’s time to make it blog official, I’m not pregnant, I’m going to Edel in Austin, TX this summer! And right now, with the weather we’re having, July in Texas sounds awesome. But really I’m excited to personally meet so many wonderful people who I currently Read More

{SQT} Gratuitous use of air quotes, parenthesis and the words “awesome” and “bacon”.

Wow, it’s Friday again. Not sure whether I should be happy that the weekend is here or totally spazzing out because the week is over and there’s a lot left on my to do list. Around the blogospere in general it seems many moms are easing back into homeschooling through tears, gritted teeth and coffee before Read More