A Classical Education for Every Child

Cheryl Swope, an educator who has created an entire curriculum designed for children with special needs (available through Memoria Press), used to receive one to two emails a week from families curious to know if providing a classical education for their special needs child was possible. Now, following the upheaval of COVID-19, she’s receiving at least one to two emails a day from parents seeking an alternative to public school or distance learning.

Swope and her husband adopted a set of twins with multiple diagnoses, many unknown at the time of placement, and despite a background in education, she chose to homeschool them in a classical tradition. Her experience and advice differs wildly from what most special needs children will experience in the classroom, but what Swope shares in her book Simply Classical, and her curriculum, is exactly what many special needs parents are looking for in their child’s education.

Read the rest at Accepting the Gift.

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