A Look Back at February

How about a general update? Nothing too major happening around here except a MURDER! …mystery dinner party! After our successful 80s party, I was trying to figure out another themed party we could host and settled on a murder mystery theme. My friend found a murder mystery dinner party game on sale and snagged it for the event. It provided the characters, clues and props. The mystery was set in a 1920s theater, so I encouraged all our guests to dress up and bring food from the roaring twenties. I prepared chicken a la king, deviled eggs, Waldorf salad and an ice box cake; all popular food from the 1920s. Plus we featured cocktails straight out of the speakeasies! Since Byron couldn’t come home to bartend, it was self-serve. All our guests had a great time, and I was happy that everyone who took part as a character really got into their role. At the end of the night, only one person correctly guessed the killer.

Edie would like everyone to know that this costume, hairstyle, and makeup are not 100 percent historically accurate. Regardless, we clean up pretty good.

The weekend prior I gave an online presentation for the Porto Charities ‘From Inclusion to Belonging: Creating Communities that Foster Mental Health for All’ conference. I had looked forward to being a vendor, but the threat of snow caused organizers to make the event virtual. I have another online talk coming up in June, but no other in person events scheduled. But I’m keeping busy with more work for Accepting the Gift. We’re now an officially recognized 501c3 non-profit, so if you want to donate as part of your Lenten alms, your gift is tax deductible! We’ve also started work on a Confirmation Prep curriculum which we hope to release in August.

I released my first Ko-fi post on our experiences with testing in the public schools system and how that’s played a role in classroom placement as we moved the boys between homeschool and public school. It’s available to membership supporters.

I mentioned we were in the appeals process once again regarding Fulton’s nursing. Unfortunately, we have lost all his weekend nursing hours. But we are moving forward with another state program that would give us money to hire personal care assistants (PCA), or at least pay me to provide care, for both Fulton and Teddy. I’m also investigating some new respite options. As both boys approach adulthood, we need to start working on teaching them how to hire caregivers, and advocate for themselves. I fully believe they can live independently from us (something I didn’t always think possible), but it will take time for all of us to learn how to make that a reality. I think what we’re doing now (moving to hire PCAs) is the best first step.

This past week also marked 12 years of blogging at This Ain’t the Lyceum! For old times sake, I created a reader survey to learn about who’s still reading my blog, and your thoughts on the way blogging has evolved. Some of the questions are the same as previous surveys, but I got rid of questions about age, gender, and marital status because I’m pretty sure my primary audience is still women with kids between the ages of 30-50. Men, Gen Z, and, disappointingly, Egyptian hairless cats remain a far lower percentage of readers. Results of previous surveys:

Lastly, I need to recommend the BBC show Ghosts. Just the BBC version; not the American version. They’ve released all the seasons (including four and five finally!) on Amazon Prime and we’ve been racing through the last two seasons as a family and already deciding what episodes to rewatch. Every episode has all of us all laughing out loud, usually to the point of drowning out the dialogue at least once. We also all agree, it’s only getting funnier, so if you you’re not LOLing at some of the first episodes, hang in there! It gets so much better! Plus, I think it’s very family friendly with only a couple adult references that tend to fly right over the heads of younger viewers. If you’re familiar with Horrible Histories, it’s the same ensemble cast.

I hope your February wasn’t too Lent-y and that March has entered like a very tame lion!


  1. Hi Kelly, I wanted to do your reader survey, but somehow the link didn’t work for me. I’m in PEI, Canada. I really love your blog. I have 4 kids. 17, 15, 13, and 9. I’m 49!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the TLM. There is NO TLM here in PEI. We lived in Ohio for 18 months (2021-2022….) and we found a beautiful TLM community at an FSSP parish and it changed our lives. I MISS IT. WE ALL DO. We are trying to return (my husband is an Ohioan. All our children are dual citizens…. and my husband works here in PEI as a prof! We moved here just after we were married. We’ve always hoped to return to Ohio. However – whatever Our Lord wants…but we are trying!) Lots to share there – but I won’t now. Anyhow, I feel inspired by your blog and I think if I lived near you I’d be even more inspired!!!! I read your blog because I really like the way you live your family life. It is authentic, real, honest, and it just inspires me in a very grounded way. Thank you.

    1. Thank you! PEI is such a beautiful area from what I’ve heard, but I certainly understand your desire to be near a TLM! I would feel the same way. And thank you for letting me know about the survey. I fixed the link!

  2. I couldn’t get the survey to work. However, as I am not Gen-z, male, or a hairless cat, I probably wouldn’t add much you don’t already know.
    I hope your March is more lamb than lion!

  3. Thanks for the Ghosts (BBC version) rec. I’m always looking for a funny family show, which are hard to find! Rewatching The Middle now has proved hilarious with the kids, but I’m excited for something new 🙂

    1. I feel like I should add one disclaimer; we just watched episode three in the fifth season where one of the characters blurts out the b word suddenly several times (due to a new love of gangsta rap). So that is one episode I would definitely preview before letting younger kids watch.

  4. You look so amazing and beautiful you probably should have lived during the 20s to take full advantage of that style. Just one hundred years too late.

    I’ve been reading since the beginning! Still love it as much as I did then!

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