Addie’s Blue Ribbon Science Project

You can imagine my joy and downright elation when Addie, after stumbling across some of my old Couple to Couple League books and a copy of Gray’s Anatomy, discovered a new method of NFP that is 102% effective and doesn’t involve mucus in any way.

Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical when she presented me with her science fair project entitled “Live Like It’s Always Phase Three!”. However, upon closer examination of her hypothesis and research methods, I immediately saw the merit in her work and quickly disseminated her findings to other families. All  reported back with wonderful results that backed up Addie’s original conclusions. (And upon returning to his car after a recent Knights of Columbus meeting, Tony discovered several anonymous gifts of beer, cigars and steak.)

I hesitated to post anything too soon, but now that we’ve set a date in stone for Addie to present her research at the Pope Paul VI Institute, I feel it’s safe to let the cat out of the bag.

Addie has also agreed to hold seminars to explain her new method, which she currently calls MIY for “Mucus Is Yucky.” Unfortunately, the first five sessions scheduled at our parish filled up almost instantly, and there’s a waiting list approximately 200 names long. Hopefully, after her presentation at the Institute other providers will learn the methods well enough to become teachers. In the mean time,  Addie and Byron are collaborating on a comic book to explain MIY to the Catholic population at large. Watch the blog for updates!

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  1. This one be my favorite. MIY forever. So glad you finally found your voice. Great pic – keep setting that bar high!!

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