I Already Miss Your Immediate Feedback and Interaction

Greetings readers! Just a quick post to let you know I’m going on a blog hiatus until Friday December 5th, when I’ll be back for Quick Takes with a big announcement and reveal! I guess I should say hopefully back with big news…lots of emphasis on hopefully. I mean, I’ll be back either way, but I don’t want to turn up empty handed thats for sure. I’ve got a book in the works and I’ll need all my few free minutes to finish it up by my ridiculously unrealistic, yet self-imposed deadline. The fact that I’m even mentioning it now and taking such drastic steps as deactivating my Facebook account (sob) for the same time frame is what’s pushing me towards that finish line. (I’ve also preemptively apologized to my husband and kids for being downright awful and not showering.)

Feel free to leave your words of support or discouragement in the comments, or email me with any big exciting news. And if you want to send a prayer to St. Francis de Sales or SOG Dorothy Day on my behalf, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


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  1. You git this girlfriend. I will be praying for you to complete the task at hand. God is with you so go forth and be brilliant. Blessings and grace my friend.

  2. You can do it! I pray to St. Joseph of Cupertino when doing school type work. He might be good with writing deadlines too.

    While you are gone, I am going to reread your awesome Philly/South Jersey Pope invitation post. I bet the Pope would appreciate not having to pump his own gas into the Popemobile while in NJ.

  3. You have so many exciting things going on, Kelly! I’m so happy for you. I will be praying.

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