{AMT} In Which I Tell You Random Things About Myself and Offer a Prize for Making it to the Bottom

Linking up with Kendra and offering free books at the same time. Because why the heck not?

1.What’s something you’ve won and how did you win it?

Probably the only thing I’ve won in recent years was the Sheenazing Award for Most Under-Appreciated Blogger in 2013. Otherwise, I have to think back more than a decade. However if there was an award for ‘Most Likely to Blog Something Embarrassing About Herself That Will Later Come Back To Haunt Her’ I would have that prize cinched up.

photo (19)
I still don’t regret that tattoo.

Try to make it through this entire post for your chance to win something worth blogging about… or updating your status about, or tweeting about or calling your mother about. It might be free books!!!! Okay, it’s definitely free books but I like building suspense. (I know another book giveaway but is there anything better!?)

2. Do you save old greeting cards or letters or throw them away? Why?

I display cards for a bit on our piano but then throw them all out. I did save all the cards Fulton received when he was in the hospital with pneumonia but otherwise I don’t save anything. I typically burn cards with religious images on them because even if they’re not blessed, I feel bad throwing Our Lord or Our Lady in the trash.

3. When you’re at home do you wear shoes, socks, slippers or go barefoot?

Barefoot when it’s warm, slippers when it’s cold. Upon entering the house, everyone takes off their shoes. I don’t demand it of guests, but none of the kids, or my husband, wear shoes in the house. I don’t know why or how I instituted this but since our first house in Syracuse, NY I’ve never worn shoes inside. Maybe I’m part Japanese or something? It does help prevent getting chicken poop from our free range hens in the house… unless one of the boys drives through it in their wheelchair in which case we get poop all over all. the. floors.

4. Who’s the most famous person you ever met?

In my brief span as a reporter, I managed to meet a few celebrities, sometimes in person, sometimes just over the phone. I met President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary while he was in office. I met and interviewed Sen. Chuck Schumer. I interviewed the late Cardinal Avery Dulles twice, once on the phone, once in person. (Such a wonderful man!) I interviewed, by force, the Governor of N.Y., George Pataki. I interviewed Margaret Cho on the phone along with the bands Blessed Union of Souls and Sponge (when people actually cared who they were.) I photographed Walter Cronkite, President George H.W. Bush, and the band Violent Femmes in college. I can’t remember if I got to ask them any questions.

Since Bonnie listed me in her glittery photo montage I have to add that I’ve been privileged to meet her and her miraculous son James (the rest of her family is pretty great also) plus the illustrious Jen Fulwiler very recently. You’ll also remember I chatted with Brandon Vogt. I hope to meet many more of my online friends at Edel this weekend.

Fulwiler Mania
Even though Edel will be my second time meeting Jen in person, I’m going to freak out all over again.

5. What has been your best work of art?

I studied photography in college so I have many old photos I love. But I guess can I say my blog? TATL is my creative outlet now and I pour all my energy into it (I mean, all the energy I have left over after educating and raising my kids of course.) I like to tweak the web design myself, I love writing and some of the posts still make me snort loudly with laughter. And while the photos aren’t great, there’s a lot of good ones I’m happy to have all in one place.  I’m really proud of it, and I hope that doesn’t make me sound conceited or anything.

6. What is your strongest sense?

My gut. I try to always keep a clear head and reasonably consider all factors when faced with a major decision, but my gut has rarely let us down. And I’m not talking about healthy flora here people.

Did you finish all that? Great! Now enter to win a $25 gift certificate from Catholic Children’s E-books.


The founders are good friends and they’ve been working on finding and digitizing all sort of great old Catholic children’s books. You know those ones you’re lucky to find at curriculum sales or thrift stores? They’ve spent months tracking down titles of all sorts, adventure tales, saint biographies, poetry,  and gaining the rights to redistribute and digitize these engaging tales for all types of e-readers. Everything from the covers to the illustrations are scanned, while the text is clear and easy to read. If you have kids who read through books faster than you can check them out from the library, you know how great e-books are, but it can be hard to quickly preview a title to make sure it’s something appropriate for your child. Catholic Children’s E-books are a safe bet. Still not sure? They’re offering a free book to download on their site right now! I can also give the recommendation of my 11-year-old who hasn’t looked up from my Kindle since returning from camp. Have a suggestion for a title? Let them know! Their selection is constantly expanding. Trying to keep the kids reading this summer? Why not download a few titles to keep them interested poolside or inspire a new family read aloud time? Or start acquiring titles for next school year. Convinced yet? Then enter to win! I love being able to offer my readers books, and I would never recommend something my family and I don’t fully love.
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  1. I save old cards to do craft projects – especially the religious ones. The kids love to cut them out, use glitter glue (my nemesis) and make them into ornaments for our Christmas tree.

  2. I need free books because my daughter reads faster than I can review books.

  3. I need free books because we chose having lots of children over lots of stuff… ergo, we are poor:)

  4. We do have a lot of books already, but with 5 kids at different levels, we need a lot to keep them all satisfied! I also like the idea of e-books so I don’t have to squeeze any more onto my already overcrowded shelves.

  5. I need more free books because these books I won’t actually need additional bookshelves for! Bonus!

  6. I need more free books because I am a vicarious reader who bore three more voracious readers.

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