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Over the last couple of years, I’ve been cleaning up the archives of this here blog. Old, irrelevant posts or those with information I’d now prefer to keep private, are being reverted to ‘Drafts’. Other posts are being removed from Google search results, so you’ll only find them if you’re clicking around on my site. And a few posts are updated, given more SEO friendly titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and images so that more people can discover them when searching online.

It’s a slow process. But when it’s all done, it will make the funny posts related to our family’s life over the last ten years+ easier to find. I’ve added new categories and tags and I’m trying to link relevant posts to each other (like all my curriculum, resolution, or year in review posts). It’s also made me mindful of what information do I want to document, or document better, for posterity? Something I’ve only briefly written about briefly in this space is food. But just like our family’s collection of liturgical traditions, we also have food traditions linked to holidays, holy days, and a variety of other special occasions. And like our American Catholic traditions that pull from cultures all over the globe, the variety of food I prepare is truly American. It’s a melting pot of PA Dutch, Italian-American, international Catholic treats, plus the standard American diet (for better or worse).

I owe Addie several pages of family recipes for her cookbook, and while I fully intend to write those out for her (promise!), this task made me realize I wanted to try to document and compile that information here as well, since that is what this space good for. When the blog was fresh and new, its job was to document what was going on, and while that’s still a big part of things, now that I’m older and the blog is approaching 1,000 posts, organizing those posts and reflecting on things vs just dealing with each overwhelming moment, seems to be more where my head is these days.

I think there’s several overall categories I want to cover:

  • menus – the food I tend to serve year after year for Christmas and Easter
  • family favorites – the meals (and desserts) that the kids select for their birthdays, feast days, etc.
  • recipes from our familiy’s heritage – PA Dutch favorites from my side, and Italian dishes from Tony’s side
  • liturgical treats – the food we make on certain feast days

I don’t expect to share too many food blogger style posts because my food photography sucks, but I will try to drop in some recipe cards, or links to recipes that are identical to what I make at home. And if there’s any relevant historical information, like the ravioli recipe that came from Tony’s grandparents restaurant, I’ll try to share it, along with any old photos. (We actually keep a copy of the menu from that restaurant hanging in our dining room.)

So, this is an introduction post, and an opportunity for you to request topics or recipes. I will start by tagging some of the menus and recipes I already have on the website, and then I already have a post started on some of my favorite PA Dutch foods. I’m continually learning that something I assumed was a common “American” food, is actually just commonplace in Lancaster, PA. I’ll also have a couple recommended cookbooks. If it starts to turn into to big of a post, I’ll figure out a way to break it into smaller chunks. Let me know your suggestions and ideas in the comments below! I look forward to sharing our family’s food traditions with you!

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