Another Episode of Mantoan Family Prayers

Tony: Who are we saying prayers for tonight?

Me: How about the Fulwiler family.

Kids: Who????

Me: The Catholic lady with the TV show.

Kids: ooohhhhhhhhhh

Byron: Why what happened to them?

Me: Well, Mrs. Fulwiler had her baby but he needs to be cared for in a NICU at a different hospital than where she’s recovering.

Addie: She can’t be with her baby!!!!???

Me: Not right now, so we’re going to pray for them all. It’s a very stressful situation. Remember when Teddy was in the NICU?

(2 minutes later, mid Our Father)

Teddy: Ul-iler happened??

Tony: Shhhhhh

Teddy: Ul-iler shot?

Tony: Shhh! No Teddy, no one was shot.

Fulton: Who was shot?

Tony: No one Fulton, just say your prayers.

Teddy: (making shooting noises, falls over “dead” on the couch with a groan) Ugh…Ul-iler…..


So please, to makes up for our family’s attempt, remember Jen, her new son Joseph Thomas and the whole Fulwiler family in your prayers. Thank you.

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  1. I am praying for Jen and her family, too. I hope she gets to hold baby Joseph Thomas very soon. God Bless you and your lovely praying family too.

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