Arbp. Sheen Inspires Me to be Sheenazing

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WOW. I’m feeling all the happy feels right now! Certainly, I’d keep this blog up and running even without popular approval, but it’s great to know so many people are laughing right along with me when I post about fashion, planners and emails. Thank you readers!

Humor isn’t just funny photos and ridiculous situations. Humor is essential to surviving everyday life. It is how I choose to see my situation and rise above it rather than let it pull me down. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, whom these awards are named after, saw the importance in humor as well. His smile and wit helped bring people closer to God. His jokes captivated a nation of people and allowed him to preach the truth on primetime television. He is a great inspiration to me, and his popularity even today is a lasting testament to the power of humor in doing God’s work.

“Humor is not just the comic, it is the ability to see through things. We say a person has a sense of humor if he can see through things. We say a person doesn’t have a sense of humor if he can’t see through things, he’s too thick.” …

“When Our blessed Lord came to this Earth, He had the divine sense of humor. There was nothing in this world He ever took seriously, except the salvation of a soul.”

 (The whole video is really worth watching.) 

Readers, here’s to another year of laughs, and hopefully, simultaneously, doing God’s work. Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, pray for us!


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