Back To Life, Back To Reality…sob

The only thing worst than packing for a vacation is arriving home and jumping right back into life full force. We wrapped up our month-long break with a week in the Outer Banks capped off with a family visit in Virginia. Then today, BAM! back to school and work and not having my husband around all day to help with everything. And I ran out of my blood pressure medicine so most of the day, I was afraid I would die of a stroke or something. Thankfully, I got a refill of meds, plus a bag of sour gummi worms so I’m better. The Jager helps too.

Where to start about our vacation…. According to all the kids, “everything” was their favorite and the trip was a ten on a scale of one to ten (except for Addie; she gave the trip a nine because we had to leave and because I made her complete the Junior Ranger book at the Wright Brothers National Historic Site. But then Byron said he’d up his score to an eleven to¬†counteract¬†Addie’s nine. So I guess that means perfect score.) As I’ve committed myself to creating the next summer blockbuster (i.e. Ken Burn’s style photo slide show) I’ll limit tonight’s post to a few of my favorite pics.


Digging in the dirt…just like a Native American! Exhibit on agriculture, check!

Protecting the booty on the Elizabeth II.

I want to know how many people are prosecuted every year for stealing this sign? What are my odds?

Fulton feeling the ocean between his toes as the sand wreaks havoc upon his high-end stroller. Seriously, now the brakes aren’t working correctly. I guess this beach loving family needs to look into a PVC model.

Teddy digging. And preparing to demand that I stop taking pictures and dig too.

Sixty degree water and air temperature apparently requires swimsuits. I’m either the best or worst mother ever.


Just trying to not get blown away next to the Wright Brothers monument.

Fulton wouldn’t sit in the theater for a thirty minute film on the Wright Brothers’ flight, but he would sit next to this painting making plane noises for at least that long.

On the boardwalk in Duck.

One of the things not pictured here that I loved was PEACE AND QUIET…at least, after the kids were in bed. There weren’t many people around and all the activity meant everyone slept really well most nights. Limited web distraction meant I got more reading and¬†journaling¬†done in seven days than in the last couple months. (If I never get around to a full post on ‘A Little Way Of Homeschooling’, just know I enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who feels they’re not doing enough in their homeschool or needs to scale back during the school year due to a new baby, moving, whatever.)

Plus, I had awesome beach hair all week with no effort. I just washed with my 99 cent VO5 shampoo and condition, stood on our front deck and within five windswept, humid minutes: Pinterest worthy beach hair.

I feel a bit rusty jumping back into the blog, but when in doubt, I’m sure I can dedicate a post or eight just to funny things the kids said while on vacation. For example:

Addie: “Mama, these are some interesting billboards. I never knew Smokey the Bear had boobs.”

Better wrap it up there. Join me later this week when I’ll have accepted the fact that I’m not moving to the beach any time soon and that yes, I’m very happy with things just the way they are.


  1. I love the look on Fulton’s face when he’s in the surf. I spent several vacations in the Outer Banks when I was a teen – a loooong time ago. We used to go to Mass at the military base. I think the beach hair might fit under “home away from home” – surely you can make that work!

  2. I hope you took pictures of the beach hair! Welcome home, and I’m glad you had a great trip :).

  3. I’m always so sad to not be living at the beach…but I tell myself that if I had a beach house, I’d probably go to hell. It’s rather dramatic, I know, but I hate leaving the beach.

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