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  • You Can Do Lent
    Day two of sugar withdrawal is going well. How about I use these under-fueled brain cells to put together my annual ambitious Lenten plans post? There’s nothing too crazy this year; it’s actually pretty much the same as last year.
  • Why I Love My Son’s Feeding Tube
    It’s Feeding Tube Awareness Week. When I first heard of it, I didn’t know what kind of awareness I was supposed to spread- is there anyone out there who is afraid of feeding tubes? Are there still people who are
  • A Day in the Life: 2021 Edition
    As promised, today’s post is a “day in the life”. Last time I did one was in March 2016!! At least, that’s the most recent I can find. It’s entirely possible I wrote another day in the life post more
  • 2020-21 Mid-Year Homeschool Review
    So I guess last weeks Takes just aren’t happening. Might as well get to this weeks latest, which is a mid-year school progress report! WOOT! (Oh, and of course- AFFILIATE LINKS!) I can’t believe we’ve made it halfway through our
  • {SQT} No More Clean Kitchen, Flax Seed Surprise and Speaking
    It’s the time of year when you discover which Christmas toys are actually cheap junk, and the kids start clamoring to spend their Christmas money on more toys even though you haven’t found places to store all the stuff they
  • {SQT} Holiday Recap
    It’s time for my first random Quick Takes of the year. I’ll back it up and bring you up to date on all the very non-exciting things happening here. First, I know that you’re all wondering what happened to those

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