Because You Don’t Want a Vacuum Cleaner On Mother’s Day: Good Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner. I feel like you could recycle my Mother’s Day gift suggestions post for the man in your life with no complaints. However, where’s the fun in that?

I find it amusing that for Mother’s Day, we’re expected to pamper mom and get her thoughtful gifts like jewelry, flowers, massage gift certificates, or just a day off for her to relax and get a pedicure. If you even consider purchasing something like a vacuum cleaner, or other useful household device, you’ll soon be shown to the doghouse.

Seriously, I love these commercials. I’ll wait while you watch them. The RAM memory reference kills me every. time.

But for Father’s Day, companies like Lowes and Home Depot proudly mark down their lawn care items and various tools. As if my husband’s ideal relaxing Sunday is busting out the weed wacker or power washing the deck. Unless your husband’s idea of fun is fixing things around the house, then he probably wants a socket set as much as you want a new Swiffer Wet Jet.

I know tons of people genuinely need tools or household items and they use holidays and birthdays as excuses to purchase these items for themselves or their spouse. But seriously, why can’t we just buy something useful when we need it, and spoil our loved ones just a little bit on special occasions? Why do we have to wait until Christmas to replace the ratty old bath towels and chipped plates?

Certainly, there have been times when I’ve asked for practical items for my birthday or Christmas and upon receiving an Espresso maker or fruit basket, been exceedingly happy. But as much as I love our Espresso maker, it means far less to me than several other items my husband and family have surprised me with through the years.

That’s not to say I’m a materialist. In fact I’d be pretty disappointed if my husband got me jewelry from Penney’s. It would show he gave no thought to what I’d actually enjoy and that instead he purchased what the advertising execs told him I would like.  But thankfully, Tony understands me and that’s why I’m the proud owner of a beautiful  St. Hildegarde necklace he picked up from an Etsy vendor. Thoughtful gifts aren’t special because the commercial makes them out to be, but because they show we spent time considering the recipient.

So anyway, this Father’s Day, buy the man of your dreams whatever shiny tool he needs if you must (they are on sale after all), however, consider also tacking on something thoughtful, or fun, too. Some suggestions:

Gift certificate to a sports bar, driving range, his favorite restaurant*

Tickets to a concert, sporting event or convention of people with a similar hobby (*and maybe mention he can take you or go with buddies)

Alcohol; maybe upgrade to the 15 year Scotch or go where you can make up a six pack sampler.

Or a beer making kit and a free Saturday or two to get everything made.

Cool geeky stuff that is useful and won’t collect dust

A Flux Capacitor USB car charger inspired by Back to the Future!

Star Wars BBQ Tongs

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

A rare, unique or signed book on a subject he enjoys or by his favorite author.

Make his favorite meal or dessert.

And if he really enjoys home improvement, by all means get him a Home Depot or Lowes gift card.

What gifts has your dad or husband recieved that they especially enjoyed?


  1. I got my husband a metal detector last year and it was a MUCH bigger hit than I expected. And it’s even better as the boys get older and more able to enjoy it with Daddy.

  2. I sprung for the Scotch. And some Magic: the Gathering cards on the hobby front. I’ve gone the tool route before and he’s been pleased to get something he’s really wanted (like I get excited about new kitchen stuff, fo’ realz) but you’re right that it’s nice to do the fun stuff, too.

  3. I just bought a box from It’s the perfect father’s day gift for my husband who is always lamenting that he wants more time with the kids.

  4. I bought my husband a hammock this year. It came early and he LOVES IT. I even encourage him to take time and relax in it.

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