The Big Purse Dump, Vlog Edition

Askew camera angle: check!

Lousy special effects: check!

Greasy hair, no make up, stained clothes: check!

Screaming background sound track: check!

Insecurities over the sound of my voice in a recording: check!

Looks like I’m all set to premiere my first ever vlog. The kids and I were so excited to work on this together in honor of Kendra’s Purse Dump Link Up. Β This whole thing falls under the “Huh, That Shouldn’t be in There” Category. Enjoy this completely realistic and non-cheating entry because I don’t know what Kendra is talking about.



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  1. Too funny! Sometimes I feel like I have that much stuff when my husband packs the diaper bag.

  2. I think we have the clear winner here! I loved when your kiddo brought you the bottle opener. My toddler is a pro at getting the bottle opener for daddy too.

  3. This is great – you’re a natural on camera! I’m looking forward to more vlogs from you now that you’ve got the routine down.

  4. I needed that laugh this morning. You are hilarious!! I agree with nancyo…more vlogs please.

  5. Love, love, love it. Now I look at my own purse and just yawn. Nothing more interesting in mine than the Binky of a child who hasn’t used them in 3 years…. boRing.

  6. Yes! now that I have seen you on a vlog I feel like I am your legit friend instead of just a blog friend. And of course you are just as hilarious on camera as in writing. Best vlog ever.

  7. So…those kids we heard, were they in another room or were they in the purse too?

  8. Gah! So great! I was waiting for you to take out a stowaway child from that thing πŸ˜‰ Pretty sure you’re going to get requests for more vlogs about every hour from now on.

  9. Funny girl. I have a lamp just like that. Should I carry it in my purse?!

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