{SQT} Big City Travels With My Biggest Boy

After spending the day, carefully guiding my son through the wilds of NYC there’s nothing I’d rather do than sit down and hammer out some Quick Takes especially for y’all!


1. Quick Takes logos are still coming in, so I’ve decided to extend the deadline.  We’ll be off next week for Christmas, so I’ll begin a new year of Seven Quick Takes with a  logo debut and a tap dance routine, which will have nothing to do with each other but certainly is an enticement to return January 2nd, am I right? I might also finally announce the winner of that lip synch contest I held in August.

2. Last year, I took Addie to New York City for her 11th birthday, thus establishing a new family tradition that when you turn 11, you visit NYC. Although Byron’s birthday was in October, today (I’m writing on Thursday) was the first chance we could go that my sister, who lives in the city, was off work. The goal of the trip was to visit the Lego Store, the Mac store and FAO Schwartz. We also rode in a taxi and the subway, walked Central Park, and avoided eye contact with that shirtless guy talking to himself. When Addie visited NYC, she very quickly decided she loved the city and wanted to move there, i.e. downtown Manhattan, and wondered if we could find a nice handicap accessible house in the area. Today, Byron made it very clear at dinner that while he enjoyed the visit he didn’t want to live in the city because of “all the weird people.” I don’t know if that means I’ve done a good job or a bad job at homeschool socialization.



3. On the drive North, I knew I needed to carefully broach the subject of Santa with Byron. I didn’t think he still believed in Santa, but I wanted to make sure and get a sense of his feelings about the matter. He admitted to no longer believing in Santa, and yet understanding that St. Nicolas is a real saint in heaven who existed as a real man on Earth. He was actually hesitant to tell me, like I would be upset if he no longer believed. We had a nice chat about the subject in general during which Byron added, “I never believed in the tooth fairy; first, because fairies aren’t real and second, because anyone who wants a tooth instead of a quarter is a sucker.”

4. It was interesting to me that as we moved through Penn Station and across the busy streets, Byron would try to grab at my hand, but wouldn’t want to hold my hand. It was obvious he didn’t want to lose me in the crowd, yet he obviously felt to old to hold his mother’s hand. It’s a sort of small example of how that age of 11 really is for him. Trying to find his own way, yet needing me within easy reach, just to know I’m still there. I could insert some sentimental show tune about growing up and becoming a man to bring this take to a dramatic climax, but I know nothing about show tunes and can get myself choked up just fine without one thankyouverymuch.

5.  I always make a stop in St. Patrick’s Cathedral when I’m in the area and I noticed that despite all the renovation work, they made room for a large nativity off a side entrance. It’s beautiful but I was surprised to see a Golden Retriever sitting next to a shepard. I don’t know about you, but my nativity set didn’t come with a Golden Retriever. Is this a thing now?



6. On our trip through the Apple Store, I snapped a group selfie using Photo Booth on a display Mac Book. My sister then got the brilliant idea to set it as the computer’s background. I’m not sure how long it lasted, but I hope our crazy faces helped sell some on-the-fence consumer about the merits of a Mac.



7. Earlier this week, before I was spreading desktop graffiti, I recorded a podcast with two of my favorite online people; Christy from Fountains of Home and Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas.  Their podcast is aptly called “Fountains of Carrots” and at some point in the coming weeks, it will feature me talking with a PA Dutch accent. It’s a nice way of saying I sound like my mom and grandmother. We discuss my book, the magic machine that gives me time to blog and I confuse Charlotte and Charleston (I forsee this being an ongoing problem because now I always second guess myself.) Hopefully I can figure it out before July. See, this is why my planner is called ‘The Best Laid Plans’. It is CUSTOM MADE for people who just. cannot. get themselves together, like me.

Thanks to everyone who stepped away from their family’s Clark Griswold outdoor decorating bonanza and linked up last week! If you’ve finished all your shopping, card mailing and set the ceramic Golden Retriever next to the manger, be sure to link up your takes below! I can’t wait to read ’em!

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  1. Wow, I’m the first to link up! This is unprecedented. I love your son’s take on the Tooth Fairy. And I have to admit that our nativity scene, inherited through my husband’s family, has three dogs, all golden retrievers. I have no idea why. There are more dogs than sheep. Enjoy NYC! What a fantastic city.

  2. And I’m the third to link up! That’s amazing for me 🙂 My kids would love to go to NYC Lego store! How fun! It sounds like you had a great time chatting with your son about Santa too! I smiled reading about how your son said collecting coins are much better than teeth! I agree! 🙂 I am going through a blog design right now and can’t edit my post for some reason so I can’t go back and link up to this 7 QT link right now, but I will once I figure out what is going on! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for hosting 7QT!

  3. #3 But if they still want the money, it goes under the pillow no matter what they believe. My 10 year old just handed me his tooth, expecting cash. The tooth fairy is going bankrupt here. So instead of a dollar he received a quarter. Plus, the tooth had a cavity!


    I live about four hours away from NYC and I’ve never been there. I live about 25 miles out of Boston. I did drive through it to get to PA, but in my late 30s and never been. I never had a reason to.

  4. LOL I try to avoid weird people, too. But, I am , apparently, a magnet for them (sometimes).
    And, #3 about the tooth fairy…hahahaha! He is one funny guy!
    The dog in the nativity..? Maybe he was supposed to be a sheperd dog…and they couldn’t find the German shepherd…or a sheep dog…? I’ve never seen that. But, if my mom does, I guarantee a poodle will show up in hers next year. 😉

  5. Okay, I have been reading 7QT forever and never posted (defunct blog) or commented BUT today at our church (within the Archdiocese of NY but not in ‘the city’), our pastor commented on this nativity. Apparently the golden retriever is named Lexington (after the street) and he was a certain Monsignor’s dog from St Patrick’s who was a long time sight around the cathedral but is now deceased. So neat!

  6. Personally I love nativity sets with dogs included. After all, dogs have always been used by shepherds to help herd the sheep, so it seems only right they would have followed their masters to see the newborn king in the stable.

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