Bloggers Be Writing ‘Bout: Holy Week

We’ve finally arrived at Holy Week! I don’t know about you, but in this household there’s a general giddiness about the approach of Easter. Maybe it has to do with visiting family, or the onslaught of chocolate, but mostly, I hope, everyone is mindful of the significance of our Lord’s resurrection. This is the feast day, in terms of significance. The Church doesn’t categorize feasts based on the amount of advertising dollars spent trying to convince you to spend, spend, spend! Why, oh why do I still need to remind my kids of this? I take that back, the older ones understand, it’s just the younger ones who still wonder why if rising from the dead is more important than a birthday day, do we get SO MUCH MORE STUFF on Jesus’ birthday?

I have no clue kids. Ask grandma…no wait don’t, because she (or the two of them) would be happy to up the gift quota to help you understand the importance of Easter over Christmas.

To help hit home the message of the week, and maybe convince at least a few people in this house to observe silence from 12 to 3 on Friday, here’s some great links for Holy Week.



Sarah’s got busy families covered (which is like, everyone right?).

Kendra’s got five movies on Netflix which should help tired mama’s (which is like, all of us right?).

Mary Ellen has practical advice for those of us already trying to figure out how to keep the kids happy at all. those. masses. 

(I’m sorry I don’t have any specific links for those with boundless amounts of energy.)

Lisette’s found some alternatives for the Easter basket, especially helpful if you have food allergies in the house. 

And if you’re reading this post on Holy Saturday and just realized you’ve got your ham and sweet potatoes but nothing for the baskets (not an uncommon occurrence in this house) Tacy’s found some great last minutes items even that drugstore on the corner will have in stock. 

A few inspirational quotes for the week. 

Plus,  a great reflection from Cardinal George. 

For craftier ideas, check out my post from the archives and my Lent and Easter Pinterest boards, which I update frequently with more great looking projects than we’ll ever start.

Did I miss any great Holy Week links? Share them in the comments so we can all enjoy!


  1. This is a very exciting time! This Easter, I will be receiving all of the sacraments of initiation to become a member of the Catholic Church. Please pray for me!

    1. Yay Katie! That is exciting! I became Catholic this Easter 14 years ago! I will remember you in my prayers especially this week!

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