Bodacious Costumes, a Radical Party, and a Totally Tubular Solicitation

Happy Month of the Holy Souls! Is it too late for a Halloween costume round up?

Edie as a deep sea diver, Fulton as King Sized Homer, and Teddy as Mysterio. Fulton’s costume is from Episode 7, Season 7 of the Simpsons and Teddy’s character can be seen in Spider Man: Far From Home.
Felt cute. Might delete later.

This year I went around the neighborhood with the kids vs staying home and handing out candy. We don’t get too many trick or treaters at our house, so I figured I’d head out in my luchadore mask and cape. The weather was warm for the end of October, which means Edie was really hot in her costume, but otherwise it was perfect for being outside. One block near us had all the residents in their driveways with bonfires, any very generous candy policies…except the one women who thought she was being super benevolent by giving each boy two Hershey’s miniatures. She also stiffed Edie. That’s the thing with trick or treating as a teenager; it’s hit or miss with how many people will give you candy vs a side eye. I’m trying to make the case that next year we also just have a party in our driveway, but not sure everyone is on board with the idea, even if I purchase lots of candy.

It’s a good thing trick or treating is always held on Halloween in our town. Growing up in Lancaster, it was always moved to the closest Friday or Saturday. I needed all day Saturday the 29th to make the costumes. We only carved pumpkins on Friday night the 28th, but that worked out for the best since warm temps meant most Jack O’Lanterns were black and disgusting within a few days around here. Addie went to a party in Cleveland as a Minecraft villager and I checked with her if she was a “sexy villager” and she sent a photo of her very non-sexy villager costume, so that was a relief. Unfortunately the winner of the costume contest was, I kid you not, a sexy Eye of Sauron.

The kids were surprised we “only” carved three pumpkins. Like, was I supposed to carve two extra to make up for the absence of Addie and Byron???? I don’t think so.

In the midst of the Halloween prep, Byron turned 19!! We chatted on his birthday, and he came home the following weekend and collected presents and goodies. However, the main reason for his trip home was so he could bartend our 80s party. He did so well at our 40th birthday party FOUR YEARS AGO (!!!) I jokingly asked him if he’d come home and do the same and he agreed. I think his success in receiving tips the last time was his primary motivation.

Byron whipped up Amaretto Sours, B52 shots, Blue Lagoons, and Long Island Iced Tea (which was premixed). I wanted to offer the Slippery Nipple, but Byron insisted that he couldn’t say that to his parent’s friends so we dropped it.
When my mom saw this picture, she didn’t even recognize me. I’m the one on the left. Tony is on the right wearing a Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt. His costume prep <5 min. My costume prep, 30+ minutes. And it took twice as long to wash off the makeup and colored hair spray.
I wasn’t the only one to go ALL IN on the 80s look!

Friends of our were the instigators for an 80s party, but Tony and I offered to host since it’s easier for us. Despite picking the date months ago, I only started really planning the Monday prior, though I had already picked up my Cyndi Lauper inspired skirt at Goodwill while shopping for Halloween costume pieces. I had a good time researching 80s food and cocktails and Tony focused on creating the ultimate playlist. Snacks consisted of lots of processed foods; this was the pre-Snackwells era after all! Cocktail wienies, pizza bites, sloppy joes on Wonder Bread rolls, chili cheese dip featuring lots of Velvetta, and a Jello poke cake for dessert (but only because they no longer sell Jello Pudding Pops at the store.) The party was a lot of fun, with karaoke being the highlight of the evening. It was the first time we hosted a party in our basement, so I was scrambling to get things cleaned up, but it was nice to finally put the space to use again. With the older two off at college, the basement pub and library are empty now as Edie prefers to work at a desk in her room. It’s definitely the perfect place for a small gathering, and I’m already trying to figure out who we can invite over for a Christmas cocktail party.

Between all the fun, seasonal activities and parties, I’ve continued working on Accepting the Gift. We now have a YouTube channel, and I’ve set a goal of releasing one new video a week. We’ve also got new, custom merch in our Shop (the art was done by a Catholic artist just for Accepting the Gift- I love it!), plus our curriculum is being repackaged and re-released December 1. Check it out and download free samples of the curriculum and saints program. Be sure to share with any families you know who might be looking to supplement, or exclusively provide their child’s religious education at home. We’re also doing an devotional Advent series for special needs parents – sign up here! Black Friday and Giving Tuesday are coming and my ministry could really benefit from your holiday shopping and donations! We are not a 501c3 nonprofit (yet- currently working on it), so donations are not tax deductible, but in order to continue to create content and provide support to special needs parents across the country we need financial support. Please consider helping us out this Christmas season! Thank you!

Up next, Thanksgiving then Advent! I can’t believe 2023 is almost here. I’ve been surprisingly on top of checking Edie’s school work, so let’s hope I can maintain my streak as Christmas break rapidly approaches.

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  1. My kids had the same expectations for pumpkins! They expected me to buy one for each of their three siblings who are out of the house and then carve them. I agreed to buy them but said they would need to do the carving.

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