1. If I don’t win this book…I might continue to look askance at Dorothy Day. She was cited numerous times in my best friend’s uber-liberal, anti-Catholic social work curriculum, so not knowing anything about her, I assumed all this time that she was a dissenting Catholic. Shame on me, hopefully I’ll learn more about the real Dorothy Day and true Catholic social justice.

  2. If I don’t win this book I might conclude that someone else needed to win it more than I do!

  3. Came here from Carrots! Hayley always has the best recommendations. I would love to read this book. Our faith is so rich!

  4. Thank you. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin are my heroes and I deeply live the Catholic Worker movement. You may also be interested in the book by Paul Elie, The Life You Save May Be Your Own, which chronicles the lives of four Catholic contemporaries, Day, Merton, O’Connor, and Percy, and there interaction with one another. Peace and goodness.

  5. I am one of the “these two committees can’t both exist” folks and I am eager to be corrected worth this excellent book.

  6. If I don’t win this book I might…have to get it for my Kindle (if that is available). Seriously though, I really enjoyed the interview! There was a lot to think about and really it made me feel challenged to find my own personal Calcutta.

  7. I have this book on my kindle and am looking forward to digging in. Dorothy Day is such an intriguing person (and hopefully soon, a saint!) You did a good job on the interview, and I’d encourage you to keep at it!!

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