Byron, Fulton, and Teddy’s Film Debut

Look out Hollywood! Byron, Fulton, and Teddy (and their friend Leo) have made a film for the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge (EDFC). I’m not saying it’s an Oscar contender, but don’t be surprised if it becomes the first in a long line of blockbuster classics. ….but maybe I’m biased.

Last year we first learned about the EDFC right before quarantine started. They postponed the challenge, and unfortunately, we missed the announcement when it was rescheduled to August 2020. This year, the boys didn’t want to miss out. Thankfully, Byron and Leo have the patience of saints and dealt with the loud, creative demands (or “enthusiasm”) of Teddy with grace. They spent a rushed couple days trying to film and edit their sci-fi thriller and the result is hilarious…although not always intentionally.

There are five prizes being awarded: best film, best director, best editor, best actor, and best awareness campaign. I’m not so sure how we’ll fair in those first four categories, but I’m telling everyone we know to like, comment, and share ‘The UFO’ so we have a shot at winning the awareness campaign award. We have between now and Monday, April 5th to try to garner the most online support.

So visit the film on YouTube and Facebook and give the guys some love! (Just be sure to comment and like on the original post. I think there’s where they’re getting their “official” count from. Thank you!)

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