Calling All Followers! Big News!

Yesterday I made a big announcement – I signed a book deal with a Catholic publisher! I’ll share more details soon, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Originally, I shard a picture on Instagram, then tried to share on Facebook, but something wasn’t working. It was a reminder of why relying on social media to connect with my followers and readers can be frustrating. I need to “build a following” who will want to buy my book, but between constant “technical problems” and changing algorithms that keep my friends from seeing my posts, relying on Instagram and Facebook seem more trouble than they’re worth. Plus, I know many of you are scaling back your social media usage due to the negative emotional toll, or the way it pulls you away from your family or more important work.

Up to this point, my email newsletter has been sporadic. It’s one of those things we bloggers are told we NEED, but it can be confusing to know what to do with it. I’ve decided I’m going to focus my efforts on 1. completing my manuscript by the due date 2. keeping up my week post on Fridays 3. updating friends and followers through a regular email.

All the things I might have tried to share across social media to gain followers, or whatever, I’m condensing into one email. I’ll also keep email subscribers in the loop about my book, rather than constantly use my Quick Takes for this purpose. In general, more of the behind the scenes stuff will go in the newsletter so my weekly post can be more of substance (even if it’s ridiculous substance) with random links, book recommendations, photos, goals, etc. shared with those who probably care more than the casual reader.

I’m not disappearing from social media, I just can’t do it all and while I know I need to sell myself as a writer, I can’t be everywhere at once, or all things to all people. I know people who sign up for my email list care about what I’m doing and I want to keep them, more than anyone, updated. By relying on regular emails, I know my important updates will arrive in their inbox where they’re more likely to be seen,  rather than get hidden in a social media feed.

If you’re interested in learning the latest on my forthcoming book, or have enjoyed my social media posts but notice they don’t show up in your feed anymore no matter how much you like them, then my email list is perfect for you. Know that you can always hit reply to my emails and your response comes directly into my inbox. I can’t always respond, but when I do, I find email allows a more personal, albeit wordier, response than a Facebook or IG comment. (Plus I hate typing with my thumbs.) Unsubscribing is also easy if you find I’m clogging your inbox with too much awesome unicorn memes and whiney book updates.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers through the years! I look forward to sharing more of my story with you!


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