How Can I Pray for You?

It’s 40 hours this weekend at my parish. Time to bring up a couple oldies but goodies from the archive!


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(For the record, she is still concerned about the length of the Mass.)


Leave your prayer requests in the comments for me to take to my holy hour. Happy weekend readers!


25 replies on “How Can I Pray for You?”

  1. For my husband, that he will experience a conversion and come home to the Church. Thank you!

  2. Please pray for my marriage and that we can have kids. Also, I have a lot of family traveling this weekend, so pray for their safety. Thanks!

  3. My husband is chaperoning our high school guys retreat this weekend. Please pray for all the young men and their leaders. Say hi to Jesus for me 😉

  4. Please pray for sale of home and subsequent conversion of heart. Thank you 🙂

  5. Please pray that the adoption of two sweet boys we are pursuing will go through

  6. Pray for my son Dan. The girl he wanted to marry has broken off the relationship. He is in a lot of pain. He is so lost.

  7. Please pray for me. Now that my husband is dead and my children are grown and gone, I don’t really have a purpose in life. I’m not feeling sorry for myself; I just don’t really want to go on living. But I guess God wants me to. Not like this, though.

  8. Please pray for my sister Beth who is expecting her first baby any day now, that labor and delivery might smooth and her transition to motherhood be filled with grace. God bless you!

  9. I just found out I am pregnant and my insurance does not cover maternity. Pray that all goes well and that we get the medical care we need.

  10. For my pregnancy, that my nausea ease up, and that I gain more energy. For the health of my baby. For the persecuted Christians. For the end to abortion. Fir the repose pf the soul of Mila Ilagan.

    I will be praying for all intentions posted here as well.

  11. I will keep yours, and all these intentions in my prayers, as well. My intention is that my husband gets the new job for which he just interviewed. Thanks! Have a great weekend!!

  12. For my friend Annette. She was diagnosed with very advanced stage 4 breast cancer last week and has 3 very young kids. Please pray she comes home from the hospital and can be with her kids. Please pray for her husband, children, and family that they may have peace and comfort.

  13. For a call for Jon, for healing for my mother-in-law’s back, for healing for my foot, and for discernment in taking some next steps.

  14. A dear old retired priest I know, Fr. Walter, is expecting to have serious surgery later this month. He asked me to say a Hail Mary for him, which I did, but perhaps you could say one for him.

  15. Would you please pray in thanksgiving for the sixteen-week old baby in my womb, and for continued blessings on this pregnancy. Thank you!

  16. Please pray that my husband will experience a spiritual conversion of heart and will also return to the sacrament of reconciliation.

  17. My little one is 10 weeks and a real gem but he’s having a hard time gaining weight. Would appreciate a prayer for us, but also for all mothers who struggle to feed their babies. Many are worse off than we are. Thank you.

  18. For our growing family to find a suitable home and for my brother’s recovery from substance abuse.

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